295W 14R beam moving head

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Hot selling!

Osram Original 14R 295W lamp

3 phase step motor with smooth and quiet movement

Excellent optic bring good brightness

Folding hooks

Small size and less weight

250W/295W Osram moving head mini beam lamp
fast moving+Super bright optics
stable quality with mass production every month

Light source:295W bulb

Power Consumption:450W

beam angle: 2.5°

Color wheel: 13 colors+white, with rotating rainbow effect, a six-color plate for rainbow effect

Gobo:17 gobos+ white, with rotating gradient effect and gobo swing effect Strobe: up to 13 times per second with randon pulse strobe

Prism: Double prism effect, one 24 prism+one 8 prism, two prism can be superimposed

Atomization: 0-100% linear atomization.


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