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Lighting design is a vital and significant component of stage performance. You can add excitement, drama; direct the audience’s focus, and much more with the proper lighting. It can all radically alter the atmosphere, tenor, and tone on stage. Lights come in a wide range of kinds and can be used in several situations. Strobes are perfect for stage lighting since they produce distinctive effects that draw everyone’s attention. Our focus in this post will be strobe lights.

What are Strobe Lights?

Strobe lights also known as stroboscopic lamps are lighting fixtures that can produce a flashing effect. Each flash of light is often extremely bright and short. In a series, the bursts operate and pulse, alternating between extremely brilliant flashes and total darkness. It is frequently used to replicate the atmosphere of vintage films and provide the impression of slow or reverse motion. Its impact sometimes makes people look jerky in their movements. Special effects are created with strobe lights. They shouldn’t be used too frequently and sparingly, but when used properly and in moderation, they can have great effects and give the action on stage a much more deep tone. LED lights are typically white, but using particular gels, the beam of light created can be colored.

Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited specializes in LED stage lighting. We are a high-tech manufacturer of Strobe lights. Our strobe lights’ SKU is IP1000 STROBE.

Specifications of IP1000 Strobe

Its light source is a 4-segmented, 144*5W, 6500k white LED tube. Its panel led is an 8-segment, 480*0.5W RGB 3in1 led. Our strobe lights’ beam angles are 135°. It consumes 1000W of power. It has a 190° tilt. The measurements of this strobe light are 482 x 178 x 243 mm, and its net weight is 10 kg.


Our strobe lights are controlled by DMX512, AutoRun, Master-Slave, Music, or RDM. Its IP Rate is IP65, including IP65 DMX in and out, and IP65 PowerCON True1 in and out. The IP65 strobe light-moving head offers good waterproof protection, and its tilt movement increases its adaptability for stage use. Panel led and middle tube led, totaling 480 pieces of 3in1 LED and 144 pieces of 5W White LED each. A rich built-in pattern effect and 8 segments are features of light fixtures.

Strobes can be used to provide energy or even a feeling of dread or terror to a stage. During the periods when the fixture is off, strobes restrict what can be seen on the stage. It can provide jerky or slow-motion effects, reveal only a small portion of an artist’s movements during an intense scene, or heighten tension in horror productions.

The Bottom Line

Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited specializes in the manufacture of LED stage lights. We are a high-tech manufacturing company that integrates marketing, production, and design. We support custom stage lighting design services. Our technical after-sales support staff has years of expertise and can offer knowledgeable advice.

In the entertainment industry, our lights are frequently utilized on stages, in concert halls, studios, theatres, festivals, etc. We equip each light show with premium moving headlights for the greatest stage lighting effects. Uplus Lighting will work tirelessly to maintain its present level of success and create an even brighter future. Contact us for further details.


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