Answers to Common FAQs about UPLUS Lighting

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Everything You Need to Know

UPLUS Lighting understands the importance of transparency and clarity in addressing customer queries. Here are the most frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers to help you make informed decisions about our stage lighting solutions:

Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, at UPLUS Lighting, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer of stage lights with over 13 years of experience in manufacturing and export. Our spacious 5,000 sq. workshops and extensive global presence underscore our commitment to quality and excellence. We’ve successfully catered to customers from over 70 countries, primarily in Europe, Russia, Korea, and Mexico.

We cater to a diverse customer base, specializing in large OEM/ODM projects and high-end rental services. Our commitment to quality products and exceptional service has earned us praise from 100% of our customers. We prioritize understanding our customers’ needs and providing prompt responses, fostering long-term relationships, and supporting their growth.

Can you handle small orders?

Absolutely! To accommodate and support our clients’ varying business needs, we maintain stock for many popular models, enabling us to fulfill small-quantity orders promptly and efficiently.

Can you give me a discount?

Certainly! Upon sharing your intended purchase list, we’ll assess your order and apply the best possible discount to ensure a competitive price.

How to place an order?

The ordering process with Uplus Lighting is simple and straightforward. Select your desired items, specify the quantity, and confirm the details with us, and we will provide a price quote. Once everything is confirmed, we will generate a proforma invoice for you to make payment, facilitating a smooth payment process.

How to pay?

We accept various payment methods, including TT (bank transfer), Western Union, and PayPal, among others. You can make payments in USD or RMB, providing flexibility and convenience.

What’s your MOQ?

For most of our lights, the minimum order quantity is just one piece, making it convenient for sample orders and smaller-scale projects.

What’s your product range?

Our product range encompasses professional lighting, entertainment lighting, theater lights, and more, catering to diverse needs and preferences in the industry.

What’s the packaging?

Our standard packaging includes cartons, and upon request, we can provide flight cases at an additional cost to ensure secure transportation.

Is there a cheap shipping cost to import to our country?

We offer flexible shipping options tailored to your needs. For small orders, express shipping is recommended, but it takes time, while bulk orders can be shipped via sea for cost-effectiveness. Urgent orders can be expedited through air freight. Additionally, if you have an agent in China, we can coordinate shipping to their location for further convenience.


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