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The colorful and vibrant lights that are used at various events, including stage shows, concerts, auditorium events, studios, theaters, festivals, etc., are called stage lights. Stage lights are quite different from ordinary lights. Stage lights are used to light up the performance and make a great impact on an event, providing visual direction and shaping the environment.

If you run an event management company or merchant that supplies stage lights, you should know that various stage lights are used at various events. Also, stage lights have a great effect on the mood of the people. For instance, the blue color is concerned with sadness, red is associated with intense feelings, etc.

If you want to increase the PR of your company by buying vibrant and highly diffusible stage lights, we suggest you contact us.

We (Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Ltd) are a professional stage light manufacturer company specializing in the production of LED lights, integrating research and development, production, marketing, as well as after-sales services. We are the only company that provides highly efficient products to merchants at wholesale costs. Some of our stage lights are listed below:

●LED wash lights
●LED follow spot lights
●Moving headlights
●Waterproof stage lights
●Indoor static lights
●Theater spotlights
●Beam moving headlights
●Other stage lights

Besides manufacturing and supplying stage lights, we also deal with a wide variety of haze machine series. Haze machines or generators are similar to fog machines. They are specially designed to produce homogeneous, unobtrusive clouds suspended in the air intended to make beams of light more visible. Also, it aids in creating a subtle diffusion.

Why choose us?

We are the only company that treats every customer with a win-win attitude. Always there to clarify the rights, responsibilities, as well as obligations. With 1000+ customers around the globe, 90+ technical staff, and 10+ industry experience, our company is one of the leading suppliers of stage lights.

We have a sense of responsibility and a mission to work. We strictly control and inspect the product quality that is ready to be delivered to make our products the best products for our valuable customers.
The bottom line:

Uplus lighting is passionate about consolidating the current success and building a more brilliant future. We welcome traders and merchants to buy stage lights from us at wholesale costs. If you reside outside of China, you can visit our official website to get a quote on your required stage light.


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