Recommended New Products: IP2420 and IP 4820

Introduction When it comes to lighting up stages, events, or architectural marvels, the right equipment can make all the difference. In the ever-evolving landscape of lighting technology, UPLUS Lighting, a pioneer in lighting solutions, proudly presents its latest marvels: the IP2420 and IP4820. These cutting-edge products promise to revolutionize the industry with their innovative features and unparalleled performance. Let’s […]

Introducing Our New MH600 and IP-S1000

Introduction In the dynamic world of stage lighting, innovation is key to staying ahead. UPLUS Lighting, a leading name in the industry, continues to push boundaries with its latest offerings: the IP-S1000 and MH600.  These two new products are poised to revolutionize stage lighting, offering unparalleled performance and versatility to lighting designers and professionals worldwide. Let’s delve into […]

Preparing the Showroom Show for ProLight+Sound Guangzhou 2024

A Warm Welcome Awaits Our Guests As May approaches, the anticipation for ProLight+Sound Guangzhou 2024 intensifies, especially for those of us at UPLUS LIGHTING. We’re rolling up our sleeves, hammering away, and fine-tuning every detail to ensure our showroom becomes the highlight of this prestigious exhibition. With a focus on innovative lighting design and cutting-edge […]

Customer Feedback on IN1000 STROBE

A Bright Spotlight on UPLUS Lighting’s Excellence Introduction When we talk about elevating stage performances, lighting is not just a detail; it’s a central character. That’s why at UPLUS Lighting, we pay close attention to the feedback we receive on our products, especially the IN1000 STROBE. This strobe isn’t just another stage light; it’s a game-changer, […]

The Spotlight Shines on Uplus Lighting at the German Exhibition

Introduction In the heart of Frankfurt, a stage was set not for performances, but for innovations to bask in their own kind of spotlight. The German Stage Lighting Exhibition, a high-profile event in the industry, recently concluded with Uplus Lighting emerging not just as a participant, but as a standout star. Stepping into the bustling […]

Explore the Role of Wash Lights

Enhance Stage Performances with UPLUS Lighting Introduction The allure of a captivating stage performance lies not only in the talent of the performers but also in the meticulous design of the stage itself. One crucial element that significantly contributes to the visual spectacle is the use of wash lights, particularly dyed stage lights. In this article, […]

Introducing UPLUS Lighting’s 2024 Innovations

 New Products: A New Type of IP65 LED Bar Light is recommended to you In the realm of lighting technology, advancements are continually shaping the landscape and 2024 heralds the dawn of new products that redefine illumination standards. Among these, UPLUS Lighting emerges as a beacon of innovation, introducing groundbreaking solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. […]

Welcome Back! Explore the World of UPLUS Hot Products

Introduction Welcome back! UPLUS Lighting has resumed operations after the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday, and we’re eager to illuminate your projects with our innovative solutions. Whether you’re pondering over product options or placing an order, we’re here to shine a light on your inquiries. Hot-Selling UPLUS Products In the realm of lighting, certain stars shine […]

Preview of our First Exhibition in 2024

Exciting and Not to be Missed! Introduction to the 2024 International Lighting Exhibition An exciting announcement echoes through the lighting and sound industry: Uplus stage lighting will illuminate the 2024 International Lighting and Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany! This annual event stands as a cornerstone for professionals worldwide, facilitating global exchanges and showcasing cutting-edge innovations. It […]

Act Now! Buy New Upgraded Products and Experience Excellent Performance!

Welcome to the next level of lighting experience with UPLUS Lighting’s newly upgraded b-eye show products! Here comes the exciting announcement – our 740-watt bee eyes have undergone a remarkable upgrade, promising enhanced performance and an unparalleled user experience! In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we have dedicated ourselves to extensive research and development, ensuring that our […]