280W BSW 3in1 moving head

280w 3in1 moving head

please see are you still have demands in this classic but durable product–280W BSW 3in1 moving head ?It is 1:1 copy of Robe Pointe, same DMX channel & same library file Philips 280W lampzoom angle: 2.5°~20°Color wheel: 13 colors+white1 fixed GOBO wheel:14 GOBO+open1 rotating GOBO wheel : 9 GOBO + openDouble prism: 8 face+6 face prismLinear focus all […]

Types of Concert Stage Lights

There are several different types of Concert Stage Lights. One of the most common is the PAR can (parabolic aluminized reflector), which are sealed beam lamps in a cylindrical metal casing. PAR cans are similar to car headlights but lack the zoom and precision focus of LEDs. However, they can provide directional lighting that can […]

Stage lights that add ambience to the stage

Introduction  Stage lights are used to add drama and atmosphere to a performance. They can be used in conjunction with other elements such as fog machines, sound systems, and props to create the desired effect. They are hung above the stage floor and are usually placed on tables. Stage lights are available in a wide […]

Stage lights that can move your head

Moving head stage lights are an excellent way to add a dynamic, exciting element to your stage lighting. With the ability to move the lamp heads up and down and side to side, you can create some stunning effects with moving head lights. Moving head lighting has come a long way since it first started […]

Indispensable stage lights for concerts

Concert Stage Lights Concert Stage Lights (also known as concert lights) are basically a combination of lights that are used in concerts, shows and other events where people are performing on stage. They are usually purchased by companies such as bands, singers or DJs who want to make their performances more spectacular. Concert stage lights can […]