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When it comes to lighting solutions, Uplus Lighting consistently pushes the envelope with innovative and efficient products. Our latest releases, the PZ3740 and IP-B760, continue this trend by offering exceptional features and versatility for various stage lighting needs. These fixtures are designed to meet the demands of professional lighting designers and event organizers who require high performance, reliability, and creative flexibility. Let’s dive into what makes these new products stand out and how they can elevate your lighting projects.

Introducing PZ3740: 37x40W K25 Bee Eye & Zoom Moving Head

The PZ3740 is a powerhouse in the realm of stage lighting. This fixture boasts 37 pixels of 40W RGBW LEDs, providing vibrant and dynamic lighting effects that can transform any venue. One of its standout features is the zoom angle, which ranges from 6° to 55°, allowing for both narrow and wide beam spreads. This flexibility makes it perfect for creating intense beams or wide washes, depending on the needs of the event.

Additionally, it offers outstanding color effects and variable strobe effects, making it a versatile tool for any lighting designers. Whether you need smooth color transitions, bold strobe effects, or intricate pixel mapping, the PZ3740 can handle it all. With dimensions of 496293590 cm and a weight of 26 kg, it’s robust yet manageable, ensuring it can be easily integrated into various setups.

The PZ3740’s compatibility with K25 DMX Channels and library files ensures seamless integration with existing setups. This means you can easily incorporate it into your current lighting rig without the need for extensive reprogramming or additional equipment, saving you time and effort.

For a closer look at the PZ3740 in action, check out this video demonstration.

Unveiling IP-B760: IP66 Outdoor 7x60W Bee Eye & Zoom Moving Head

For outdoor applications, the IP-B760 is a game-changer. It’s IP66 die-cast aluminum housing provides exceptional protection against the elements, making it ideal for outdoor events and installations. Whether you’re lighting up a music festival, a corporate event, or an architectural structure, the IP-B760 is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and it is also waterproof you can use it without compromising performance.

This fixture features 7 pixels of 60W LEDs with a zoom angle of 4° to 55°, delivering precise and powerful lighting. The wide zoom range allows for versatile lighting designs, from sharp, focused beams to wide, soft washes. Like the PZ3740, it also includes wash zoom, bee eye, and LED pixel effects, offering a rich palette of visual possibilities.

Measuring 344227490 cm and weighing 15.5 kg, the IP-B760 is designed for durability without compromising on performance. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction ensures it can be easily mounted and adjusted to suit various outdoor settings. With its LED pixel control, you can create stunning visual effects that captivate audiences and enhance the overall atmosphere of your event.


Uplus Lighting’s new PZ3740 and IP-B760 fixtures bring innovative features and reliable performance to the table. Whether you need vibrant, dynamic lighting for indoor stages or durable, weatherproof solutions for outdoor events, these products are designed to meet and exceed your expectations. The PZ3740 offers incredible versatility with its wide zoom range and impressive color effects, making it perfect for a variety of indoor applications. Meanwhile, the IP-B760’s rugged construction and weatherproof design make it the ideal choice for outdoor events.

10W LASER and wash moving head

Explore the full range of Uplus Lighting products to find the perfect fit for your lighting needs. With Uplus Lighting, you can be confident that you’re investing in high-quality, cutting-edge lighting solutions that will elevate your projects and create unforgettable experiences.


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