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Revolutionizing Stage Lighting


Are you ready to illuminate your stage like never before? UPLUS, a leading innovator in the lighting industry, has continually set the bar high with its pioneering products and technologies. The stage lighting range, particularly popular among professionals, showcases UPLUS’s commitment to excellence. This article explores the cutting-edge features and unmatched versatility of UPLUS’s hottest product offerings in the stage lighting segment, highlighting their application in various settings from grand outdoor venues to intimate indoor stages. Let’s dive into the world of our hottest offerings and discover how they can transform your next event.

Waterproof Wall Washer Series

Have you ever seen a building come alive at night? Our one of the standout products in UPLUS’s arsenal is the robust 400-watt double-row wall washer, equipped with strobe strip splicing. This powerhouse not only bathes large surfaces in vibrant, uniform light but also adds an artistic touch to any setting. What sets it apart is its impeccable waterproof design, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor events. This durability ensures that regardless of rain or shine, the performance of these lights remains unhampered, providing reliability that event planners can count on.

The wall washer’s ability to evenly illuminate surfaces creates a unique visual experience, enhancing the aesthetics of buildings and landscapes. This makes it not only a practical lighting solution but also an essential part of creating memorable visual backdrops for events and installations.

Moving Head Lights with Focused Lighting

Imagine being able to control every aspect of your stage lighting with pinpoint accuracy. Our moving head lights are integral to dynamic stage setups, and UPLUS’s 10 60-watt single-point control focusing moving head lights are a testament to this fact. These lights offer unparalleled flexibility with their adjustable spot size and brightness, making them perfect for both stage performances and film and television productions. The ability to precisely control the lighting helps in crafting scenes that are visually striking and tailored to the director’s vision.

The soft yet layered light output ensures that every detail is accentuated, enhancing the overall quality of productions without overshadowing any elements. This subtlety and precision make these moving headlights a favorite among lighting technicians and cinematographers alike. How does UPLUS maintain such high standards in diverse environments? The secret lies in the versatility of our products.

Waterproof Floodlight Dyed Moving Head Lights

What happens when you need reliable stage lighting that can withstand the elements? Enter our waterproof floodlight dyed moving head lights, available in configurations of 48 pcs of 20 watts and 24 pcs of 20 watts, which are remarkable for their versatility and quality. These lights have carved a niche in both outdoor and indoor markets thanks to their high-quality LED sources that are not only energy-efficient but also boast a long lifespan, significantly reducing operating costs.

Their robust waterproof design extends their usability to a variety of environments, making them perfect for everything from concert tours to corporate events, where reliability and performance are paramount. The versatility of these lights in handling different weather conditions and settings makes them indispensable tools in any lighting professional’s inventory. But that’s not all—our stage lighting solutions offer even more.

Advanced Stage Lighting Solutions

Do you crave a range of visual effects that will captivate any audience? For more complex lighting needs, UPLUS offers the 600 watt and 420 watt LED dye + beam + pattern + cut moving head lights. These units are renowned for their rich visual effects and superior color expression, which bring life to any performance. Equipped with advanced features like CMY and CTO, these lights can produce a wide range of colors and hues, allowing for complete creative control over the lighting atmosphere.

The diversity in beam effects and the ability to cut and shape light make these fixtures not just lighting equipment but instruments of art, enabling designers to sculpt the stage atmosphere to their liking, thus enhancing the thematic elements of performances. So, ready for the peak of innovation in stage lighting?

RGBW Focusing Peak-Eye Tinted Moving Head Light

Meet the crown jewel of our lighting range: among the most celebrated in the UPLUS range is the IP66 fully die-cast aluminum housing 19-piece 40-watt RGBW focusing peak-eye tinted moving head light. This fixture stands out with its ability to adjust colors for vibrant, true-to-life effects. The high-quality aluminum alloy shell provides excellent protection against the elements, while also ensuring the longevity and stability of the unit.

Its proven waterproof capabilities mean it can perform exceptionally well in various conditions, from rainy outdoor concerts to humid indoor arenas. This light not only meets the practical needs of the industry but also exceeds expectations in durability and performance. How does UPLUS guarantee such impressive performance? Through rigorous testing and a commitment to quality that ensures each light performs flawlessly, even in challenging conditions.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, from outdoor festivals to indoor theater productions, UPLUS’s best-selling stage lighting series exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable, and versatile lighting solutions. Each product in this lineup has been developed with the user’s needs in mind, ensuring superior performance across a wide range of applications. UPLUS has not only kept up with industry standards but has set new ones, gaining widespread recognition for its products in the market.

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Curious to learn more or ready to transform your lighting setup? Visit the UPLUS website for detailed information on each product. Each product link below offers a gateway to a world of lighting possibilities that could transform any stage or setting into a visual masterpiece. Here are direct links to explore each product further and discover how UPLUS can brighten your next event with innovative lighting solutions:

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