Elevate Your Venue’s Atmosphere with the Mesmerizing 6 EYE LASER BAR

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At various entertainment venues, laser lights are crucial in producing enthralling visual experiences. Uplus’ 6 Eye Laser bar distinguishes itself as an effective and flexible lighting choice in a crowded market. Experience the atmosphere of any show, club, or concert through it. Your venue’s ambiance will undoubtedly be elevated by this bar light’s impressive features and stunning laser effects. The impact on your audience will last long.


The 6 Eye Laser Bar is an advanced illuminating contraption engineered to elevate the visual allure of any function or spectacle. Its RGB/Red 500mw*6PCS light source emanates brilliant and intense hues, augmenting a kinetic component to the ambiance. Whether organizing a show, administering a nightclub, or organizing a concert, this laser light is the ultimate preference to generate a fascinating and captivating milieu for your spectators.

The affirmative testimonials from customers who have undergone the 6 Eye Laser Bar speak volumes about its efficacy and efficiency. Its capacity to bewitch and transfix audiences has rendered it a prevalent choice among experts in the entertainment industry.

Light Source and Specifications

“Behold, the 6 Eye Laser Bar, a true marvel of light and innovation! With two options to illuminate your world, the choice between RGB or Red is yours for the taking. However, the RGB/Red 500mw*6PCS configuration reigns supreme for its capacity to dazzle and amaze with unparalleled brightness and color intensity. Each eye of this laser bar is a master of its own, allowing for individualized control and customization of the light show.

But wait, there’s more! This laser light is a powerhouse of specifications, boasting a whopping power rating of 180W, ensuring an explosion of vibrant colors that fills any space with wonder. The tilt movement of 240 degrees and rotation angle of 270 degrees brings a whole new level of mesmerizing visual spectacle as the laser beams sweep across the venue, leaving audiences in awe!”

Versatile DMX Channels and Laser Effects

The 6 Eye Laser Bar flaunts its versatility with DMX Channels that offer three distinctive options: 11/26/38CH. This all-encompassing DMX control with other lighting fixtures provides synchronized and coordinated lighting effects that will leave your audience spellbound.

The laser beams of 638nm wavelength emit a vivid and striking aura. The 6 Eye Laser Bar boasts an extensive range of laser effects, including Laser Sky net beam performance, laser flow line effect, laser strobe effect, and water strobe effect. These effects can be blended together in an unparalleled way, creating mesmerizing visuals that will bring the performance space to life.

Compact Design and Specifications

The 6 Eye Laser Bar flaunts a streamlined and polished design, measuring a mere 991827cm in size. Its featherweight construction, clocking in at a mere 14kgs (N/W), facilitates swift transportation and effortless installation in any locale. The compact architecture not only amplifies portability but also permits seamless assimilation into pre-existing lighting arrangements.

Immersive Atmosphere and Visual Experience

The 6 Eye Laser Bar wields power to metamorphose any venue into a mind-bending and hypnotic realm. The laser beams radiate pulsating energy that permeates the air, amplifying the ambiance. With its vibrant hues and dynamic effects, the laser bar elevates the visual experience, adding a dimension of thrill and mystique to concerts, club nights, and shows.

The laser effects that emanate from the 6 Eye Laser Bar is nothing short of extraordinary. The Laser Sky net beam performance weaves a web of enchanting laser beams, conjuring a spellbinding visual spectacle. The laser flow line effect imparts fluidity and motion, heightening the dynamism of the performance space. To top it off, the laser and water strobe effects meld into the visual razzle-dazzle, imparting a dash of versatility and creativity to the lighting setup.

Final Words

Enliven your venue with the 6 Eye Laser Bar and take your audience into the mesmerizing realm of Uplus laser lights. Ignite their senses with an unforgettable and visually appealing experience they will never forget.


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