Explore UPLUS Lighting’s Top 3 Hot-Selling Products for a Dazzling Experience!

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In the dynamic landscape of event lighting, the choice of products plays a pivotal role in creating memorable experiences. UPLUS Lighting has consistently proven itself to be an industry leader, pushing the boundaries of innovation. Today, we embark on a journey to explore three of UPLUS Lighting’s hottest-selling products, each offering a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and performance that sets them apart in the market.

1. PZ1940: K15 19x40W Bee Eye and Zoom Moving Head

The PZ1940 emerges as a beacon of excellence, combining high performance with cost-effectiveness. Designed with precision, this moving head boasts a uniform and pure color mixing effect, creating a visual symphony that captivates any audience. What set it apart is not just its stunning color capabilities but also its high brightness, ensuring that your event space is bathed in an immersive glow.

The cost-effectiveness of the PZ1940 makes it an attractive option for event planners and lighting enthusiasts alike. It provides a professional-grade solution without breaking the bank. Imagine the impact of the 19x40W bee eye and zoom moving heads synchronizing their movements to create a mesmerizing dance of light. To witness the magic firsthand, check out the video demonstration here.

2. 380 IP BEAM: 380W IP65 Waterproof Beam Moving Head

Outdoor events demand a lighting solution that can withstand the elements without compromising on brightness. Our 380 IP BEAM steps up to this challenge with a robust design and an Osram lamp, it ensures unparalleled brightness. Its IP65 waterproof rating adds another layer of versatility, making it a go-to choice for events where weather conditions are unpredictable.

Imagine an outdoor event where the 380 IP BEAM illuminates the night with its powerful beam, cutting through the darkness with precision. The Osram lamp, known for its reliability, ensures a consistent and brilliant performance. Dive deeper into its features by watching the video demonstration here.

3. IP1000 STROBE: 1000W Outdoor LED Strobe Moving Light

Longevity, stability, and a 100% repurchase rate – the IP1000 STROBE is not just a product; it’s a testament to UPLUS Lighting’s commitment to quality. With a remarkable 5-year product lifespan, this outdoor LED strobe moving light has earned its place among the best in the market. The stability and durability it offers ensure a seamless performance, making it a reliable choice for event professionals.

Picture an event where the IP1000 STROBE takes center stage, creating a dynamic atmosphere with its powerful strobe effects. With a monthly sales volume surpassing 500 units and a customer repurchase rate of 100%, it stands as a beacon of customer satisfaction. Witness its impact in the video demonstration here.


In essence, UPLUS Lighting brings three stellar products to the forefront that redefines event lighting. The PZ1940, 380 IP BEAM, and IP1000 STROBE embody a perfect blend of innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. For those seeking to elevate their events, these products are not just a choice; they are a statement. Connect with Uplus lighting on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more details and a closer look at the brilliance that these products bring to the world of event lighting. Choose UPLUS Lighting and let your events shine brighter than ever before.


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