High quality Led theatre lights range in indoor+outdoor spot & profile lights.

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Models avaialbe with manual zoom and DMX auto zoom, Led source optional with white led, RGBW led, RGBAL 5in1 etc variety colors.

Main Features:
1.Low noise
2.smooth zoom
3.Smootly dimming curve with flick free
4.Uniform lighting with clear color
5.Fresnel len with good quality led chip
6.Good software & nice hardware design
Welcome to inquiry with details if you are looking for any good performane indoor or outdoor spot /profile face lights.

More product details:

Uplus lighting. We have over 11 years stage lighting export and production experiences in China. Has a full range products chain in stage lighting equipment

We have rich cooperation experiences to work with wholesalers,rental market, shows,events and projects clients.


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