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In the world of stage lighting, Uplus Lighting stands out as a brand that consistently garners customer favor with its diverse range of products. Uplus Lighting prides itself on prioritizing quality, and today, we’ll dive into the top five hot-selling moving head lights that have taken the market by storm. Whether you’re looking for cutting lights, three-in-one moving head lights, or waterproof options, Uplus has you covered. Let’s explore these dynamic lighting solutions step by step.

480BSWF: The Versatile Cutting Light

When cutting lights, the 480BSWF is a popular choice. This compact yet powerful moving head light is ideal for those who require precision lighting on stage without the need for large equipment. Weighing in at just 30, it offers ease of mobility.


  • Light Source: The 480-watt cutting lamp offers an impressive range of features, including CMY and CTO color systems, seven rotating patterns, and eight fixed patterns.
  • Customization: Users can easily adjust color and patterns through the color and prism systems.
  • Prism System: Equipped with a prism system composed of 5 prisms, it provides flexibility with an adjustable angle range of 4.5°-55°.
  • 360-Degree Movement: The 480BSWF can rotate 540° or 630° in the X-axis direction and 270° in the Y-axis direction.
  • Unique Effects: It also offers a special dynamic water wave effect, making it a distinctive choice for stage lighting.

460 LED BSW: The Classic Three-in-One Light

The 460 LED BSW has earned its reputation as a classic three-in-one moving head light from Uplus Lighting. With thousands of units sold and adored by customers worldwide, it’s suitable for both large and small stages.


  • Versatile Angle: Boasting an angle range of 2° to 38°, it offers a broader coverage than lights with similar power.
  • Color Mixing: The 460 LED BSW features a CMY and CTO color mixing system and a palette of eight colors.
  • Pattern Variety: Users can choose from 8 rotating patterns and 10 fixed patterns.
  • Prism System: Equipped with a prism system composed of 3 prisms + 5 prisms for added creativity.
  • High Speed: The stroboscopic adjustment speed is an impressive 30 times per second.

295 BEAM: Southeast Asian Favorite

The 295-watt BEAM lamp is a beloved choice in the Southeast Asian market. This lamp utilizes original international Osram bulbs for enhanced performance and stability.


  • Impressive Prisms: Featuring a biprism system with 24 prisms and 8 prisms, it delivers a burst of colors with 13 color options.
  • Dynamic Effects: With a rotating rainbow effect, 17 patterns, and 13 strobes per second, the 295 BEAM offers smooth and dynamic lighting adjustments.

PZ1940: The Compact Performer

The PZ1940, a 40-watt RGBW four-in-one LED stage light, is a newcomer with remarkable features. Despite being new to the scene, it stands out for its lightweight and compact design.


  • Compact Design: Weighing just 13.6kgs, it offers high mobility and ease of installation.
  • Versatility: With a focusing angle of 4° to 55°, it combines dyeing, beam, and bee eye effects in a single unit.
  • Smooth Adjustment: The light adjustment is silky smooth, ranging from 0-100%.
  • 360-Degree Rotation: It can rotate 540° in the X-axis direction and 270° in the Y-axis direction.

IP1000 STROBE: The Waterproof Powerhouse

The IP1000 STROBE, a one-kilowatt strobe, has won the hearts of customers in Russia and beyond. Its outdoor performance is particularly outstanding, making it a top choice for various events.


  • Dual Light Sources: It combines panel LED with 5050 1.5-watt RGB three-in-one LEDs and a middle LED tube with 3535 5-watt LEDs.
  • Waterproof Design: The entire lamp is constructed with waterproof materials, including waterproof connectors for power and signal connections.
  • Temperature Control: It offers good temperature control and an overheating protection system.
  • Adjustable Strobe: With a smooth, light adjustment from 0-100%, it delivers 20 strobes per second.


Uplus Lighting brings you a world of stage lighting possibilities with their hot-selling moving head lights. These top performers cater to a wide range of needs, from compact and versatile cutting lights to waterproof strobes that can withstand the elements. For more information and to explore the complete range of stage lighting solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Illuminate your stage with Uplus Lighting!


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