How Does Stage Lighting Work?

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Stage lights are principally used to illuminate the performer present on the stage, props, and sets, so the spectators can clearly see everything they are meant to see onstage.  How does stage lighting work?

In this article, we are going to talk about the basics of how you get the stage light, like LED moving headlights, to turn on and work. Because ultimately, if you are going to be using lighting, whether it’s a band context or theater, whatever context you are in, whether you are in a portable setup, a permanent installation, or just working with somebody else’s gear.

It is vital to grasp the basics of how DMX (DMX stands for digital multiplex; it is a protocol used to control equipment such as lights) works and how to control the intensity of the light. Mainly, the lightboard, aka lighting control console, is responsible for controlling the sequence of lights on stage.

Are you curious to know how lights work, how DMX gets to the light, and how they are controlled is essential? In fact, it can help you if you are simply programming on a console or on a computer. It can help you to understand what the lights are looking for.

Ultimately, DMX is not complex. There are a couple of key things that have to happen in order for your light to work. The first is the physical. You have to connect the DMX from your console or software through a DMX cable which is different from a microphone cable. The next step is to back up your light. Where you will commonly see your DMX input and output.

DMX works via a bus topology (it is a network topology in which nodes are directly connected to a common half-duplex link known as a bus). You can easily control the tenth light, the first, the second, and the fourth and have them respond in the way you desire. This can be done effortlessly.

When you have a DMX cable that is a 3 or 5-pin xlr type cable, it can carry one universe of DMX data. Surprisingly, that is up to 512 channels.

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