How LED Lighting Can Help Stage Productions

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Stage wash lights are a staple in stage productions and can make a huge difference to the look of your show.

Whether you’re performing at festivals or on Broadway, the lighting for your stage wash lights is an essential part of creating an amazing production.

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Benefits Of LED Wash Lights:

Stage wash lights are used to create a warm glow that sets the tone for your show. They’re also used to reflect light from behind the actors and create a 3D effect.

With the use of LED wash lights, you can now create stunning effects that were previously only possible with high-wattage HID (high-intensity discharge) fixtures.

Led Beam Strobe Moving Head

The most common use for these lights is to provide additional lighting for certain scenes or characters on stage. This can be useful if there is an actor who needs more light than others or if there is an area within the set where only one person will be seen at any given time. For example, if you have a scene where two actors are fighting each other it may be helpful for them to have their own individual areas of light so that they can see each other clearly when they are fighting.

Stage wash lights are also used in television shows and movies because they allow directors to add more depth and dimensionality to their scenes without having to go through the process of re-lighting each shot individually. They can simply dim down the rest of the set so that only those two actors appear in front of them while everything else becomes dark behind them.


Stage wash lights are used in theaters and concert halls to illuminate a particular area of the stage. They typically emit a warm white light, however, they can also be programmed to create a variety of other colors such as blue, red, and green. The main purpose of these stage wash lights is to create an area of illumination that is different from the rest of the stage.


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