Introducing Our New MH600 and IP-S1000

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In the dynamic world of stage lighting, innovation is key to staying ahead. UPLUS Lighting, a leading name in the industry, continues to push boundaries with its latest offerings: the IP-S1000 and MH600.  These two new products are poised to revolutionize stage lighting, offering unparalleled performance and versatility to lighting designers and professionals worldwide. Let’s delve into the features and capabilities of these cutting-edge products.

IP-S1000: The Ultimate Outdoor LED Strobe Light

When it comes to outdoor lighting, durability and performance are paramount. The IP-S1000 strobe light from UPLUS Lighting ticks all the boxes. With its robust build and versatile features, it’s the perfect solution for outdoor events, concerts, and festivals.

Features of IP-S1000

1. Weatherproof Design: Rated at IP65, the IP-S1000 is built to withstand the elements. Whether it’s rain or shine, this strobe light delivers consistent performance, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

2. Versatile Connectivity: Each unit of the IP-S1000 can be easily connected, allowing for seamless integration into larger lighting setups. This flexibility gives lighting designers greater creative freedom.

3. Rich Macro Functionality: With a wide range of built-in macros, the IP-S1000 enables stunning lighting effects with minimal programming. From pulsating flashes to synchronized patterns, the possibilities are endless.

MH600: The Innovative Pixel Zoom Bar Moving Head

For dynamic lighting effects that captivate audiences, look no further than the MH600. This pixel zoom bar moving head combines versatility with precision, making it a must-have for stage productions and events.

Key Features of MH600

1. High-Brightness LED Bar: The MH600 features a high-brightness LED bar that delivers vivid colors and sharp beams. Whether it’s illuminating performers on stage or creating immersive effects, this moving head shines bright.

2. Pixel Mapping Capabilities: With its pixel mapping functionality, the MH600 allows for precise control over individual LEDs. This level of customization opens up a world of creative possibilities, from intricate patterns to dynamic animations.

3. Wide Zoom Range and Tilt: With a zoom angle of 2.8-31° and a tilt range of 202°, the MH600 offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether you need narrow beams or broad washes of light, this moving head delivers exceptional coverage.

Experience the UPLUS Lighting Difference

UPLUS Lighting has earned a reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability. With the IP-S1000 and MH600, they continue to set the standard for excellence in stage lighting. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, these products are sure to elevate your lighting game.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Lighting Game with UPLUS

In conclusion, the IP-S1000 and MH600 represent the pinnacle of UPLUS lighting’s commitment to innovation and excellence. With their unrivaled performance, versatility, and reliability, these two new products are poised to redefine the landscape of stage lighting. As UPLUS lighting prepares to showcase its latest offerings at the Guangzhou Prolight+Sound 2024, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience these groundbreaking products firsthand. Visit our booth and factory to witness the future of stage lighting unfold before your eyes.

As we look to the future of stage lighting, UPLUS Lighting remains at the forefront of innovation. With the IP-S1000 and MH600, they offer cutting-edge solutions that combine performance, versatility, and durability. Experience the difference for yourself and illuminate the world with UPLUS Lighting.


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