Introducing the New UPLUS Battery Par Lights

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Welcome to the future of stage lighting solutions! We’re thrilled to introduce our two groundbreaking products, Introducing UPLUS Lighting’s—the latest in waterproof, battery-powered par lights. Perfect for anyone on the go, these lights combine durability with ease of use to illuminate your adventures, no matter where they take you. Whether you’re planning a beachside wedding or need reliable lighting for late-night tasks, these new additions are poised to illuminate your endeavors effortlessly.

Product Features

Waterproof and Resilient

Our newest battery par lights are engineered to brave the elements, ensuring that a little water never dampens your spirits or your events. With a durable build that withstands up to 1 meter of water, these lights are perfect for any waterside activities. Whether you find yourself at a lake, river, or ocean our products will provide consistent illumination.

Compact and Portable

Weight should never be a burden when it comes to efficient lighting. The IP-B620 and IP-B420 models, weighing just 4.2 kg and 2.85 kg respectively, exemplify portability. Designed to fit easily into your backpack or pocket, these par lights make it simpler than ever to take professional-quality lighting wherever you go.

Versatile Lighting Options

Adaptability is key in any gadget, and our led battery par lights come equipped with various lighting modes, including both flood and spotlight capabilities. Whether setting the mood at an intimate gathering or requiring focused light for detailed tasks, these lights cater to every need with just a switch.

Adjustable Brightness Levels

Different scenarios call for different intensities of light. With our adjustable brightness feature, easily tailor your lighting environment to match the ambiance of any event or the demands of any workspace. From soft glows to bright beams, control is at your fingertips.

See Them in Action

Don’t just take our word for it—see these lights in action! We’ve included a couple of video links that showcase the versatility and efficiency of the UPLUS par lights:

1. Explore the robust features of IP-B620

2. Discover the compact and powerful IP-B420

These videos demonstrate not only the practical applications of the lights but also their ease of use in various settings.

Where to Use These Versatile Lights

The practical applications of these lights are vast. They’re perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need reliable, powerful lighting. Event planners will find them invaluable for creating atmospheres at weddings or outdoor parties. Professionals working in the field at night will appreciate the robust and reliable light these models provide.

Technical Details You Should Know

The technical specifications of the IP-B620 and IP-B420 models are impressive. Both are equipped with long-lasting batteries, ensuring you won’t be left in the dark at crucial moments. Their durable construction means they’re not only waterproof but also resistant to dust and impact, making them a solid investment for anyone needing dependable outdoor lighting.


UPLUS continues to lead the way in lighting innovation with their new waterproof, lightweight battery par lights. Suitable for a variety of uses, from personal to professional, these lights offer flexibility, durability, and performance. Ready to brighten your outdoor adventures or illuminate your nighttime activities! Check out outdoor led par lights today and experience the difference in quality and performance. Remember, with UPLUS Lighting, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in reliability and excellence in lighting.

Don’t wait, buy now and enjoy the confidence of our high-quality after-sales service. Illuminate your world, and let nothing dim the light of your adventures!


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