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In this article, we will discuss stage lighting. Why you want to use them and what applications they’re going to work best at. Before we jump in, let’s be clear that you might have seen various types of lighting equipment at various events, for example, concerts, stage shows, Dj nights, etc. particular types of lights are used at each event. Using moving headlights for a professional meeting does not digest at all. Well, let’s begin with our main topic:

Both fixtures, including moving headlights and beam lights, are LED-based or lamp-based systems. They have color, gobos, prisms, zoom, and focus (sometimes). They even have frost or diffusion filters. But that is pretty much where the similarities end. Their differences in how they apply those are very unique and very cool.

Beam angle:

The beam angle determines the wideness and narrowness of any light. With a beam fixture, we can typically fix the angle. Different types of light have different beam angles. You can easily zoom in or zoom out the light via a beam angle.

250w white beam led moving head

Strobing effect:

The strobing effect is the next difference between a beam light. Because a beam fixture looks best with a lamp in it. It’s going to have a metal strobe shutter. Which is great. It’s going to be really quick. It’s not going to be an electronic LED strobe that people are used to in a spot fixture, but it’s going to look amazing with a little bit of haze in the room or event.

In addition to the strobe effect, due to the metal strobe shutter on a beam fixture, they don’t dim quite as cleanly and nicely as a moving headlight.

So if you want to highlight a person, moving headlights instead of beam lights are the best option.


For those familiar with these sorts of lights, gobos are little templates of metal or glass that go inside the light to change how the light is being output. It’s a sort of template or a pattern. On a beam fixture, gobos are static (they don’t rotate and are stamped directly). On the contrary, most moving headlights are specifically made with rotating and replaceable gobos. So you can put various logos on your events.

The takeaway:

After careful consideration, moving headlights are preferable over beam lights. Contact us to buy any stage lights. We are a professional moving headlight supplier with various lights and equipment types.


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