Preparing the Showroom Show for ProLight+Sound Guangzhou 2024

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A Warm Welcome Awaits Our Guests

As May approaches, the anticipation for ProLight+Sound Guangzhou 2024 intensifies, especially for those of us at UPLUS LIGHTING. We’re rolling up our sleeves, hammering away, and fine-tuning every detail to ensure our showroom becomes the highlight of this prestigious exhibition. With a focus on innovative lighting design and cutting-edge technology, we’re setting the stage to dazzle our visitors, both old and new. Let’s dive into what makes this year’s showcase a must-visit.

UPLUS LIGHTING Showroom Preview

Our showroom is transforming into a beacon of creativity and innovation. For this year’s exhibition, we’re spotlighting our latest marvels – the IP-PIX400, IP-S400, MH600, 600BSWF – alongside our perennial favorites like the PZ1940, 460 LED BSW, and MINI740, to name a few. With around two hundred lighting fixtures illuminating our space, we promise an exhibition hall bursting with color and life, painting every moment of the show in vibrant hues.

The Heart of the Show: Our Lighting Designs

The spotlight shines bright on our array of lighting designs, blending the latest in lighting technology with the timeless charm of our classic models. Each piece, from the dynamic MIX560 to the electrifying IN1000 STROBE, tells a story of innovation, quality, and unparalleled performance. Our exhibition hall will not just showcase products; it will offer a glimpse into the future of stage design and lighting artistry.

An Expert’s Touch: The Lighting Preview Show

The magic behind our lighting preview show springs from the creative genius of the chief designer of the China CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Under his visionary guidance, we’ve crafted a preview show that’s not just lifelike and captivating but also a testament to the potential of lighting in transforming spaces. While still a work in progress, the preview images of our exhibition hall promise a spectacle that’s both breathtaking and inspiring.

An Invitation to Our International Visitors

To our friends from across the globe joining us for ProLight+Sound Guangzhou 2024, we extend a heartfelt invitation to not only witness the marvels of our showroom but also to explore our factory. It’s an opportunity to see the innovation, care, and dedication that go into every product we create. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises we have in store for you.


As we count down to ProLight+Sound Guangzhou 2024, the excitement at UPLUS LIGHTING is palpable. Our showroom is shaping up to be a testament to our passion for lighting design and our commitment to excellence. We invite you to join us in this celebration of creativity, innovation, and the bright future of lighting design. See you in May, where a world of illumination awaits!

So, are you ready to be a part of something truly spectacular? Join us at Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2024 this May, and let’s illuminate the future of stage design together. Your journey into the world of lighting design starts here, and we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms. See you in Guangzhou!


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