Preview of our First Exhibition in 2024

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Exciting and Not to be Missed!

Introduction to the 2024 International Lighting Exhibition

An exciting announcement echoes through the lighting and sound industry: Uplus stage lighting will illuminate the 2024 International Lighting and Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany! This annual event stands as a cornerstone for professionals worldwide, facilitating global exchanges and showcasing cutting-edge innovations. It also attracts professionals from around the world for networking and knowledge exchange.

About Uplus Stage Lighting

Before delving into the anticipation surrounding the upcoming exhibition, let us familiarize ourselves with the esteemed entity that is Uplus Lighting. Uplus, a prominent stage lighting manufacturer and supplier from China, has steadfastly devoted itself to delivering top-notch, high-performance stage lighting products. Boasting a diverse product range from LED stage lighting, laser stage lighting, and film and television stage lighting, Uplus caters to a broad expanse of customer needs with precision and excellence.

Showcase at the Exhibition:

The spotlight at the Frankfurt exhibition will be on seven main products, including IP-1940B, PZ1940, MINI740, and four other groundbreaking additions. Among these offerings, the spotlight shines on Uplus’s latest LED stage lighting products, promising to captivate audiences

with their brilliance and innovation. Beyond our best-sellers, we promise a glimpse into the latest stage lighting products and technologies, with a special emphasis on the allure of our new LED stage lighting products.  

Significance of Participating in the Frankfurt Exhibition

For Uplus, participating in the Frankfurt exhibition holds immense significance. It’s not just a platform to flaunt brand strength and product prowess to a global audience but also an arena for learning, communication, and business expansion. For Uplus, participation in the exhibition heralds a momentous opportunity to showcase stage lighting superiority on a global stage. Beyond mere presentation, the event fosters a milieu ripe for learning, collaboration, and evolution, propelling Uplus towards new horizons of growth and recognition. Therefore, the exhibition serves as a catalyst for forging industry connections and infiltrating fresh energy into Uplus’ development.

Invitation to Attend the Exhibition

With just a month left until the grand event unfolds, Uplus Lighting extends a heartfelt invitation to all enthusiasts, professionals, and lovers to join us in Frankfurt, Germany. Attendees are encouraged to not only visit and explore but also to engage in meaningful communication and potential cooperation. Anticipate an immersive experience replete with unparalleled service and support, promising memories to last a lifetime. Stay updated with the latest information and exclusive promotions on the exhibition and promotions through Uplus’s official website and social media platforms!


As the countdown to the 2024 International Lighting and Sound Exhibition draws near, Uplus Stage Lighting extends its deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and interest. Our team eagerly industry awaits the opportunity for industry enthusiasts and patrons to meet, connect, inspire, and innovate together at the exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany! Together, we’ll illuminate new horizons in the world of stage lighting and sound. Thank you for your continued support, and we eagerly await the opportunity to connect with you in person at this momentous event.


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