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In the dynamic world of entertainment and stage lighting, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Lighting not only sets the mood but also elevates the entire experience for both performers and the audience. Uplus Lighting, a name synonymous with innovation and quality, brings you an in-depth exploration of their hot-selling indoor strobe lights. As we delve into the realms of pixel control, GLP compatibility, and cutting-edge design, you’ll discover why Uplus Lighting’s IN1000 STROBE series is making waves in the industry.

Introducing IN1000 STROBE

Our company takes pride in introducing the IN1000 STROBE, a series that redefines what’s possible in indoor lighting. With three distinct versions sharing a 1000-watt powerhouse, these strobes are more than just lights; they are a symphony of technology and design, crafted to meet the evolving needs of lighting professionals.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the three versions of the indoor 1000-watt strobes we offer. While the core specifications remain consistent, we have recently unveiled a new, proprietary shell design, tailored to enhance user experience and aesthetics. Beyond the sleek exterior, these strobes boast features like a 185° tilt, 0° pan, illuminated graphic LCD display, and IP20 rating, ensuring durability and reliability. Temperature-controlled with overheating protection, the strobes also offer 0-100% electronic dimming, LED Macro Effects, and signal connections through XLR 5-Pin or 3-Pin In/Out, along with PowerCON In/Out for efficient power management. The dimensions of 448x122x292mm and a weight of 8.5kg make them versatile and easy to incorporate into any lighting setup.

Models of IN1000 STROBE

IN1000 STROBE 2in1:

  • Light Source:
    • Tube Led: 144*5W cool white+Amber 2 in 1 Led, 8+8 sections
    • Panel Led: 4801.5W RGB 3in1 led; 210 sections
  • DMX Channel Options:
    • 10 / 20 / 77 CH
  • Video Link: Experience the dynamic features in action.


  • Light Source:
    • Tube Led: 144*5W cool white Led, 12+12 sections
    • Panel Led: 5761.5W RGB 3in1 led; 212 sections
  • DMX Channel Options:
    • 14/23/68/62/17/11 (GLP channels)
    • 20/104/85 CH (sections control effect)
  • Video Link: Witness the compatibility and stunning effects.


  • Light Source:
    • Tube Led, 8+8 segments
    • 144*5W cool white Led
    • 144*5W cool white+Amber Led
    • Panel Led: 480*1.5W RGB 3in1 led; Led pixel control effect
  • Cool White DMX Channel Options:
    • 8/17/69 CH
  • Cool White+Amber DMX Channel Options:
    • 10/20/77 CH
  • Video Link: Explore the pixel control effect in action.

Application of IN1000 STROBE

Our IN1000 STROBE has achieved a remarkable 100% repurchase rate, showcasing the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Widely utilized on stages, the strobe lights have received positive feedback from our clients. Here are some on-site photos capturing the impressive performance and visual appeal of the IN1000 STROBE.


Stay tuned as we unravel the applications and real-world impact of the IN1000 STROBE series, backed by a phenomenal 100% repurchases rate and glowing customer feedback. Uplus Lighting invites you to witness the brilliance firsthand and explore the possibilities of these state-of-the-art strobe lights.

For more detailed information and to explore the full range of features, we invite you to consult Uplus Lighting. Elevate your lighting experience and illuminate your world like never before with our cutting-edge IN1000 STROBE series.


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