380W LAMP profile 4-in-1 moving head BSWF

A special high power 4-in-1 beam wash spot moving head has very low weight and nice appearance design. Used strong & flame retardant materials housing. Strictly quality control process during development and production. Over heat, over current, over voltage protection.

  • 371W lamp
  • 3 color wheels (each wheel has 4 color+white)
  • 1 fixed gobo wheels: 13 gobo+ open
  • 1 rotating gobo wheel: 8 gobos+open
  • double prism: 8 face+ 16 face prism
  • zoom angle: biggest reach to 43° under wash model
  • Atomization
  • Cutting: A set of controllable light spot cutting system composed of 4 cutting discs
  • Dimension: 657*422*301 mm; NW:24.5 kg

Light source:371W lamp
Zoom angle:4.2°~29.5° (pattern mode)
Power Consumption:530W
Color Tempreture: 7650K
Pan: 540°(16bit) Electric correction
Tilt:270° (16bit) Electric correction
Color wheel: 1 color plate: 9 fixed color plates + white light, half-color effect
Gobo: 1 effect plate (fire plate)
1 fixed pattern plate: 11 pattern pieces + white circle
1 rotating gobo wheel: 7 gobos + white circle
Cutting: a set of two-directional pattern cutting System, precise positioning of cutting discs
Prism:  8 face prism +16 face prism
Atomization: 0-100Atomization
Dimming: fast electric iris 5-100% linear adjustment; 0-100% linear dimming
Lux Data:900000 Lux @ 5M
DMX Channels:23/30 channels
DMX512,Auto, Sound active, Master/slave,RDM
Dimension: 657*422*301 mm, NW:25.5 kg

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