750W Led 4in1 Framing shutter profile Moving Head Light

This Led contour moving head light combines extremely bright 750W white light with smooth CMY color mixing system and clear GOBO projection.

Clear beam output, clear image, light weight and compact design. Full-featured effects including zoom, iris, CTO, make this luminaire suitable and outstanding for various events

750W white light module
CMY color mixing system
Zoom: 4.5°-50°
CTO: 3200K-7500K
1 color wheel, 6 colors + white
2 GOBO discs (1 fixed GOBO disc 8 GOBO+white; 1 rotating GOBO disc 6 GOBO+white)
Atomization: 2 atomized films
Framing crop: 5%-100% linear adjustment
Control protocol: DMX512
Size: 69*40*50cm; Net Weight: 30kg

Led source:750W LED module (rated life of bulb: 20000h)
Beam angle:4.5°-50°
Power Consumption:950W
Optics: Spot uniformity 90%, color rendering index:800>=70/800H>=90
Pan:Level 540°, Accuracy 2.11°/ Step, fine tuning accuracy 0.008 °
Tilt:Vertical 270°,The accuracy is 1.05°/ Step, fine tuning accuracy 0.004 °
pan and tilt magnetic rotary encoder positioning reset system.
with automatic error correction.
Fast motorized iris 5-100% linear adjustment, with macro function and multi-effect change Electronic  light spot
dimming, 0-100% linear dimming, uniform
The electronic stroboscopic speed is 1-25 times/sec. You can choose pulsation, asynchronous, synchronous, random slow, medium, fast, etc
Significant: Equipped with a high CRI chip to switch the high CRI mode.
Color system:  CMY+CTO Color mixing system
Color Wheel:1 color wheel, 6 colors plus white, half-color effect, color film can be positioned arbitrarily, with rainbow effect of bidirectional rotation.
Gobo wheel:1 fixed gobo wheel, 8 goboes plus white circles; 1 rotating goboes wheel, 6 patterns plus white circles;
With pattern jitter and pattern arbitrary positioning function. Magnetic positioning function, convenient for initial position correction and maintenance
Prism 1:  4Prisms, Prism 2:  Six-sided gradient mirror;
It can be rotated and superimposed in both directions, and has a prism positioning function.
Atomization: 2 atomizing films, which can be switched independently or superimposed to use light、Moderate fogging.
Mechanical linear iris, 5%-100% linear adjustment;
4 gratings realize fast and smooth cutting, each grating can be individually controlled in cutting and degree;
Single light can be turned off completely, and the whole module can be rotated ±45°.
Standard DMX512 protocol, 
Product Size:690×400×500mm    Packing size (carton):520×420×420mm
Net weight:29.8Kg         Gross weight (carton):34Kg

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