BSW 3-in-1 460W LED Moving Head Light With CMY CTO

460W LED BSW beam is a high powerful Beam+ Wash+Spot 3in1 professional stage light, has good design in head disappoint and over heat protection function.Featured with CMY color mixing system and CTO linear adjustment. Clear color, smooth zoom and dimming curve,plus rich effect make it to be a wonderful lighting fixtures for shows.

  • Zoom angle:2°-38°
  • 1 color plate: 8 fixed color plates + open
  • 1 rotating gobo wheel: 8 gobo + open
  • 1 fixed gobo plate: 10 gobo+ open
  • 5 face prism+3 face prism

Light source:460W white LED
Beam angle:2°-38°
Power Consumption:500W
Color temperature: 2500K—5600K
Pan movement:540°(16bit)
Tilt movement:270°(16bit)
Advanced motion system:auto repositioning,fast,quiet and smooth
Color: CMY+CTO color mixing system
1 color plate: 8 color plates + white light, half-color effect
Rotating pattern disc: 8 pluggable pattern pieces, pattern rotation, pattern flowing effect
Rotation pattern rotation: it can be positioned at any angle
Fixed pattern: 10 fixed patterns + white light, jitter water effect
Prism: 3 face prism+5 face prism
Dimming: fast electric iris 5-100% linear adjustment; 0-100% linear dimming
Atomization: 2 atomizing films, which can be switched independently or superimposed to use light、Moderate fogging.
Focusing system: clearly linear adjustment focus
Atomizing mirror: atomizing diffuser
Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
DMX Channels:25channels
Display: 2.8-inch colorful LCD touch screen
Control mode:DMX 512 ,RDM
Dimension:360*290*660 cm (L*W*H); NW: 21 kg

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