high brightness stage lights 360W beam moving head

360 BEAM adopts imported light source, which has the characteristics of small size and high light efficiency. The 2° beam angle can release sharp, bright, full, strong penetrating power, forming a strong visual impact effect. The rich color wheel and gobo wheel provide excellent color macro and dynamic effects. Built-in 8 prisms and 8+16+24 honeycomb prisms can be rotated and superimposed in both directions, the lines are clear and sharp, and the area is wide, which can create a brilliant and changeable beam effect, dual-chip strobe, variable strobe speed, and linear dimming, light body Lightweight design, the net weight is tight 14KG, the shell is resistant to high temperature and flame retardant materials, to meet the needs of various places

360W beam moving head

Light source:PHILIPS MSD Silver 300 LL (3000 hours)
Beam angle:2°
Power Consumption:365W
Color Tempreture:7800K
Pan: 540°(16bit) Electric correction
Tilt:270° (16bit) Electric correction
Color wheel:14 fixed colors plus white, two-way rainbow effect
Rotation Gobo: 16 gobos plus 1 white circle
Prism: 8 prism, and 8+16+24 honeycomb prism, the two prisms can be stacked and rotated in both directions
Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
DMX Channels:18 channels
DMX512, self-propelled, master/slave,Sound active, RDM
High quality LCD touch screen
 Folding clamp can optional
Dimension:338*256*512 mm; NW:14 kg

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