Share with you the MINI 7X40W moving head

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Mini 7x40W we made with 3 version, please check which you are interesting:
Dimension:340*273*170mm ; NW:5.75 kgs

Version ① : Zoom wash+ Bee eye effect + led pxiel effect

Version ②: Pure Zoom wash and no led pixel effect

Version ③ : 7x40W Mini-B ( same dmx channles as Clay Paky Mini-B)+ Led ring control effect+Artnet protocl
It can share with same library file as Clay Paky Mini-B

MINI 740W moving head

Light source:7*40W RGBW LED 4in1
Power consumption: 350W
Zoom angle: 4.5°-45°
Version①ZOOM+B-eye/LED pixel effect
DMX Channel: 23/35/51CH
Version②zoom wash/led full on effect
DMX channel:11/17CH
Version③Clay Paky mini-B Aqua copy/led ring control effect
DMX channel:17/21/21/29CH
Control: DMX512/Auto Run/Master-Slave/Music
Dimension:340*273*170mm ; NW:5.75 kgs


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