Shipment Orders flowed in June, and shipments were full in July

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Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited, a leading supplier of stage lights, experienced a surge in shipment orders in June, resulting in a bustling month of shipments throughout July. As the final step in bringing our products to customers across the globe, Uplus Lighting adopts various forms of shipment to ensure safe and efficient deliveries. In this article, we will delve into the different modes of shipment used by the company, with a focus on sea freight, and explore the specific types of sea freight shipments they employ.

Different Modes of Shipment

Transporting goods to international destinations involves a range of transportation options, each catering to specific needs. These modes include sea freight, air freight, railway transport, and land freight. Among these, sea freight has been a popular choice due to its cost-effectiveness and capacity to handle large volumes of goods. Let’s take a closer look at the sea freight shipments utilized by Uplus Lighting.

Types of Sea Freight Shipments

Full Container Load (FCL)

The Full Container Load option is ideal for shipping substantial quantities of goods. In this process, the entire container is exclusively loaded with the customer’s products. The shipment journey begins with ordering the cabinets, then packing and sealing them. This method ensures maximum security and safety for the cargo, as the container remains unopened until it reaches its destination. We Uplus Lighting frequently employs FCL shipments for bulk orders, such as the recent shipment of millions of orders in early July.

Less than Container Load/Container Freight Station (LCL/CFS)

When dealing with smaller volumes of goods, Uplus Lighting opts for the Less Than Container Load or Container Freight Station approach. This method consolidates goods from multiple companies into a single container before being shipped. The process involves:

  • Finding a suitable truck.
  • Sending the goods to a warehouse.
  • Verifying the quantity.
  • Declaring them at customs.
  • Eventually, boarding the ship.

The LCL/CFS method not only saves costs for smaller shipments but also allows us to share container space, making it an efficient and economical option.

Consolidated Shipments

In certain cases, Uplus Lighting collaborates with other manufacturers or distributors to arrange consolidated shipments. This involves assembling the cabinets in their factory or utilizing cabinets from different sources, then shipping them together. The shipment cost is shared among the companies involved, making it a cooperative and cost-effective solution.

July Shipment Products

During the bustling month of July, Uplus Lighting successfully shipped an array of stage lights and related products. The shipped products included 295 BEAM lights, R560 lights, W3725 lights, 6 EYE RETRO BAR lights, B480 lights, 360 PIXEL TUBE lights, and the FP series, among others. This extensive shipment showcases our commitment to meeting the demands of our global clientele efficiently and promptly.


In conclusion, Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited continues to be at the forefront of the stage lighting industry, ensuring that our products reach customers worldwide in a timely and secure manner. By leveraging various forms of shipment, with a focus on sea freight, we cater to the diverse needs of our clientele, whether it be large volumes or smaller orders. As Uplus Lighting embarks on future endeavors, customers can eagerly anticipate staying informed about the latest shipping information. If you’re interested in purchasing top-of-the-line stage lights, don’t hesitate to share your requirements with Uplus Lighting, and we will promptly respond to your needs.


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