Stage effect of LED moving head light

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LED moving head lights can create a variety of effects on stage. They range from spotlights to beams. Beam lights are generally more expensive than spot lights. However, they can provide double the experience. Additionally, they are waterproof and can be used passively or actively. Also, they come in different colors.

It can be used passively or actively

LED moving head light is a versatile and versatile stage lighting fixture. Unlike spotlights, which are designed to create a single focused beam, these fixtures are highly flexible. These lights are available in a variety of positions including setup, cross and backstage center. The last two positions allow you to control beam width and direction with the touch of a button.

To use an LED moving head light for stage lighting, the first step is to unplug the power cord from the socket. This is necessary to protect the device from any leaks. In addition, it is important to ensure that the power supply is regulated according to local electrical requirements and has overcurrent protection. Second, the bulbs should be kept at a distance from the performers’ eyes so that the light does not blind them.

It comes in many colors

LED moving head lights are available in many different colors and effects, so you can choose the right one for your show. Choose one that matches the venue’s theme and color scheme. LED moving head lights can also be used with a variety of light fixtures, such as uplights and stage lights.

The LED stage light has an all-axis swivel head that can change spotlight position and pan mode. It can also detect music, and match the speed of light to match. The full-color, non-spectral projection of this light can enhance the overall ambience of your show.

150w spot moving head


The stage effect of the LED moving head light can be achieved through its compact size and many different setups. They can be placed in eight different positions, including cross and center stage, with two sets of lights crossing each other. Using LED moving head lights allows performers to choose what effect they want to create.

This type of stage light provides two- and three-dimensional volumetric effects. It’s also compact and offers the perfect blend of colors. Ideal for close-up stage lighting, studio lighting and large events. Its non-spectral color mix provides stunning visuals and evokes emotion in all areas of entertainment and theatre.

It’s light

LED moving head lights are ideal for stage lighting. These lightweight lights feature an all-axis swivel head, a powerful 640W LED module and many additional features. For example, the lights can adjust the pan mode and spotlight position to suit the music. They also feature automatic framing shutters that control spill and further shape the beam. These lightweight lights are also easy to install.

LED moving head lights have several advantages that make them the first choice for many stage lighting designers. They have a wide zoom range and sleek design. These light stage lights are also available in a variety of colors including red, white, blue and green. They are ideal for large concerts, theatres and TV studios.

It is versatile

LED moving head light is a versatile stage lighting fixture with a dizzying array of features. It has a 15:1 zoom ratio and multiple lighting options. It creates 2D and 3D volumetric effects with perfect color mixing and stunning visuals. This powerful stage lighting device is suitable for all theatrical and entertainment applications.

Its full-axis rotating head allows users to adjust the color and intensity of the spotlight. It also allows the lighting effects to be adjusted to match the BPM of the music. It features a 270-degree scan angle and eight different patterns. It also comes with five different light effect modes.


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