The Effect of PZ1940: UPLUS LIGHTING’s K15 Wash Light

In the world of stage and event lighting, innovation continues. One remarkable addition to the arsenal of lighting professionals is the PZ1940, brought to you by UPLUS LIGHTING. This revolutionary fixture packs a punch with its K15 19x40W bee eye and zoom moving head, making it a game-changer for indoor and outdoor applications. In this […]

UPLUS LIGHTING SHINES BRIGHT: IP1000 STROBE Illuminates the Chinese Stage

Introduction In the world of entertainment, captivating lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the stage for extraordinary performances. Recently, in July 2023, China Central Television hosted the finals of the 21st China Central Television Film and Television City National Children’s Art Talent Selection Competition, an event aimed at nurturing the growth of China’s children’s […]

Learn more about stage lighting

In this article, we will discuss stage lighting. Why you want to use them and what applications they’re going to work best at. Before we jump in, let’s be clear that you might have seen various types of lighting equipment at various events, for example, concerts, stage shows, Dj nights, etc. particular types of lights […]

Stage lighting manufacturers – Uplus

Stage lighting is a type of lighting that is used to create the appearance of a stage. It is a type of lighting that can be used to create the illusion of movement on stage. In this regard, stage lighting manufacturers produce different types of lights that are used to create the illusion of movement. The […]

Beam moving heads: lights

LED moving head light Moving lighting fixtures are expert spotlights that produce dynamic mild. In addition to the so-referred to as transferring heads, those additionally encompass scanners, wherein the mild beam is moved through mirrors, and transferring consequences, for which famous beam consequences were prepared with a transferring base. These gadgets upload dynamics to lights […]