Shipment Orders flowed in June, and shipments were full in July

Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited, a leading supplier of stage lights, experienced a surge in shipment orders in June, resulting in a bustling month of shipments throughout July. As the final step in bringing our products to customers across the globe, Uplus Lighting adopts various forms of shipment to ensure safe and efficient deliveries. In […]

Buy LED Stage Lights From Us!

The colorful and vibrant lights that are used at various events, including stage shows, concerts, auditorium events, studios, theaters, festivals, etc., are called stage lights. Stage lights are quite different from ordinary lights. Stage lights are used to light up the performance and make a great impact on an event, providing visual direction and shaping […]

Uplus Lighting: A High-Quality Moving Head Light Supplier For You

Lighting controls are essential for any great event. They can set the mood and tone of the event, and it is difficult to have a successful party without them. Great lighting will make your event memorable, so it is important to find a good supplier of moving head lighting. Uplus Lighting is that supplier. We […]