Hot-Selling Product Moving Head Lights by UPLUS LIGHTING

In the world of stage lighting, Uplus Lighting stands out as a brand that consistently garners customer favor with its diverse range of products. Uplus Lighting prides itself on prioritizing quality, and today, we’ll dive into the top five hot-selling moving head lights that have taken the market by storm. Whether you’re looking for cutting […]

Product Introduction | Three MINI740

Uplus Lighting is making waves in the world of stage lighting with its latest innovation, the MINI740 series. This series consists of three distinct versions of the MINI 7*40W B-eye moving head, with the third version rapidly gaining popularity among customers. These compact and versatile lighting fixtures are renowned for their comprehensive functions and user-friendly operation. In […]

Product Introduction: “Almighty King” Moving Head Cutting Light

In recent years, cutting lights have revolutionized the landscape of stage and event lighting. From dazzling concerts and massive stadiums to intimate theatrical performances, cutting lights have become an integral part of creating captivating visual experiences. Among these lighting fixtures, the “Almighty King” Moving Head Cutting Light by UPLUS LIGHTING stands out as a versatile […]