The Effect of PZ1940: UPLUS LIGHTING’s K15 Wash Light

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In the world of stage and event lighting, innovation continues. One remarkable addition to the arsenal of lighting professionals is the PZ1940, brought to you by UPLUS LIGHTING. This revolutionary fixture packs a punch with its K15 19x40W bee eye and zoom moving head, making it a game-changer for indoor and outdoor applications. In this article, we will explore the captivating features and versatile applications of the PZ1940, shedding light on why it’s a must-have in the lighting industry.

Features that Dazzle

The PZ1940 doesn’t hold back when it comes to features. Let’s dive into what makes this lighting fixture stand out:

LED Source: 19*40W RGBW 4-in-1 LED

At the heart of the PZ1940 are its 19 powerful RGBW LEDs. These LEDs are not your run-of-the-mill lighting components; they are 4-in-1 LEDs, which means they can produce a wide range of colors with exceptional clarity. This versatility ensures that your lighting designs are limited only by your imagination.

Wash+Beam+Bee Eye 3in1 Effect

Versatility is the name of the game with the PZ1940. It combines wash, beam, and bee eye effects in one unit. Whether you need a soft, even wash or a sharp, focused beam, this fixture has you covered. The bee-eye effect adds an extra dimension, creating mesmerizing visual displays that captivate audiences.

Compatible with Clay Paky K15 Library File

For professionals familiar with the Clay Paky K15 Library file, the PZ1940 offers seamless compatibility. This means that transitioning to the PZ1940 is a breeze, and you can continue to use your preferred programming with ease.

Zoom Angle: 4°-55°

Precision is key in the lighting world, and the PZ1940 excels in this department with its adjustable zoom angle. You can go from a tight 4-degree beam for pinpoint accuracy to a wide 55-degree wash, all with a simple adjustment. This flexibility ensures that your lighting design adapts to any scenario.

Dimmer: 0-100% Linear Dimmer

Smooth and seamless dimming is crucial for creating the right atmosphere. The PZ1940 offers a linear dimmer from 0% to 100%, allowing you to control the intensity of your lighting with precision, enhancing the mood and ambiance of any space.

Each LED Pixel Control

The ability to control each LED pixel individually opens up a world of possibilities for creating stunning visual effects. From pixel mapping to intricate color chases, this feature empowers you to create captivating lighting displays that leave a lasting impression.

Silence Working

In the world of live performances, silence is golden. The PZ1940 operates quietly, ensuring your audience is immersed in the experience without distraction.

Overheat Temperature Protection

Safety is paramount, and the PZ1940 incorporates overheating temperature protection to safeguard against potential issues. Knowing that your lighting is in good hands, you can focus on your performance or event.

Lightweight Design

With a net weight of just 13.6 kilograms, the PZ1940 is remarkably lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice for touring productions and events.

Customizable Angle for Wireless Color Mixing

Tailoring the angle to your specific needs allows for wireless color mixing and energy-efficient lighting. Whether you want a concentrated beam or a broader wash, the PZ1940 adapts effortlessly.

Place of Use: Where the Magic Happens

The versatility of the PZ1940 knows no bounds when it comes to its applications. Here are just a few places where it shines:

Indoor Stage Effects and Surface Lighting

Bringing life to indoor stages with dynamic lighting effects is where the PZ1940 truly excels. From concerts to theatrical performances, it delivers stunning visuals that enhance the audience’s experience.

Outdoor Mobile Performances and Stage Installations

Outdoor events demand lighting fixtures that can withstand various weather conditions. The PZ1940 rises to the occasion, ensuring that your outdoor performances are nothing short of spectacular.

Hotel Doors: Elevating Ambiance

Hotels looking to create a welcoming and visually engaging entrance can benefit from the PZ1940. Its unlimited color mixing effects enhance the ambiance and leave a lasting impression on guests.

Theme Parks, Historical Buildings, Resorts, and Scenic Landmarks

The PZ1940’s versatility extends to historical sites, resorts, and scenic landmarks, where it can transform the visual landscape with its captivating lighting effects.

Product Exhibitions: Showcasing in Style

Product exhibitions require flexible lighting solutions, and the PZ1940 delivers. Tailor the lighting to match your product’s needs, ensuring visitors are drawn to your displays.

Fashion and Auto Shows: Stealing the Spotlight

Catwalk and auto shows demand precision lighting to highlight every detail. The PZ1940’s versatility and pixel control ensure that the spotlight is always where it needs to be.

Experience the PZ1940 in Action

Curious to see the PZ1940 in action? Check out our effect video here and witness the mesmerizing lighting possibilities it offers.

If you’re ready to elevate your lighting game and explore the endless creative possibilities of the UPLUS LIGHTING, PZ1940, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We also offer a range of other lighting solutions to meet your needs. Leave your contact information, and our team will be in touch to assist you in creating unforgettable lighting experiences.

Elevate your lighting game with the PZ1940 and unlock a world of possibilities.


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