The Most Popular Scene Application: Uplus Lighting’s Best-Selling LED Bar Stage Lights

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Are you in search of the perfect stage lighting solution that not only delivers high-power performance but also offers versatility in its usage? Look no further than Uplus Lighting’s Pro Pixel Bar series. These LED bar stage lights are the epitome of innovation and functionality, making them a favorite among customers in the entertainment industry. Let’s dive into the features and specifications that have propelled these lights to the top of the charts.

Introduction to Uplus Lighting’s Pro Pixel Bar Series

Uplus Lighting takes pride in introducing the Pro Pixel Bar series, a new design that has garnered remarkable 100% positive feedback from its users. What set these lights apart is their multi-functionality and the myriad of ways in which they can be utilized on the stage. Not only do they function as high-power traditional lighting fixtures, but they can also be seamlessly integrated into stage setups or joined together to create stunning matrix light displays.

Unveiling the Pro Pixel Bar 1830

A New Design for the Modern Stage

In the realm of stage lighting, the Pixel Bar 1830 emerges as a trailblazer. This indoor 18*30W 6in1 Pixel BAR introduces a groundbreaking concept – the ability to link with filters. As customers seek innovation, this Pixel Bar’s fusion of power and adaptability stands out. It’s not just a light; it’s an experience.

Versatility Redefined

The Pixel Bar isn’t confined to tradition. It defies limits by seamlessly transitioning from high-power traditional lighting to a dynamic stage presence. The magic doesn’t stop there; these lights can join forces to create mesmerizing matrix formations. This flexibility transforms stages into canvases, painting unforgettable experiences for the audience.

The Power-Packed Features

An Illuminating Spec Sheet

Behind the brilliance lies powerful engineering. The Pixel Bar’s core boasts an array of 18*30W RGBWA+UV 6in1 LEDs. The individual LED control allows precision in crafting vibrant hues. Pixel Pitch, set at 52MM, defines clarity, while power consumption at 550W ensures energy efficiency.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Variety is the spice of stage life, and the Pixel Bar understands it well. With lenses offering 10°/12°/25°/40° degree options, the stage’s mood can be altered with a switch. DMX Channel variations (11/29/108/119 CH) present boundless creative control, as do pattern effects with variable speed and fade time.

Seamless Integration

Innovation meets convenience with the Pixel Bar’s split joint feature. The structural connection facilitated by quick-release pins enhances setup efficiency. Dimensions at 95180191 mm ensure sleek integration into diverse stage setups.

Introducing PIXEL BAR 500: Where Possibilities Multiply

A Warm Welcome

Responding to customer demand, the Pixel Bar 500 arrives as a revelation. With LED options like warm white+amber, cool white+warm white 2in1 and RGBW 4in1, this masterpiece accommodates varied preferences and applications.

A Glimpse into Performance

10*50W 2800K white+Amber 2in1 Led, Cool white+warm white 2in1 Led, and RGBW 4in1 led shine as individual gems. The Pixel Pitch maintains its 52MM finesse, with power consumption retained at 550W. DMX Channel options (4/7/14/25/2/5/10/20 CH) ensure control precision, while the strobe effect dances to variable speeds (1-20HZ).

A Resounding Applause

From Vision to Reality

Mass production unveiled the Pixel Bar 500’s potential. Praises echoed from customers who experienced its brilliance. Their visual testimonies stand as proof of its impact, turning stages into vibrant canvases of emotion.

Features That Inspire

Unleash Creativity

The Pixel Bar series doesn’t just illuminate; it empowers. The units link effortlessly, granting the freedom to hang, stand, or combine them. Filters work their magic, enhancing colors for a visual feast.

Unity in Diversity

Pixel Bars join forces seamlessly, allowing independent vertical standing-by-stand plate accessories or hanging vertically by hooks. The possibilities multiply as each unit connects, forming awe-inspiring matrix light displays.

A Versatile Playground

Installation versatility knows no bounds. Hang them on trusses, stand them horizontally on the floor, or opt for vertical brilliance to withstand plates. The Pixel Bar is more than a light; it’s a versatile tool for crafting unique stages.

The Bottom Line

The Pixel Bar stage lights has transformed the art of stage illumination into an immersive experience. From the Pixel Bar 1830’s innovative linkable design to the dynamic capabilities of the Pixel Bar 500, these lights redefine what’s possible. With unmatched flexibility and breathtaking features, they’ve earned their place as the most sought-after, best-selling, and scene-stealing application in the world of stage lighting.

In a world where the stage is a canvas and the lights are the brushstrokes, Pixel Bar stage lights shine as the artists’ favorite tool. With power, adaptability, and creativity at the forefront, these lights are more than mere illuminators; they’re catalysts for unforgettable moments. Whether it’s a music concert, theatre production, or any event that demands a captivating visual spectacle, Pixel Bar stage lights stand ready to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Experience the brilliance of Uplus Lighting’s LED bar stage lights and illuminate your stage like never before.


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