Three Days at the Moscow Exhibition | Our Booth Was Extremely Popular

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The 2023 Prolight+Sound exhibition held in Moscow, Russia, from September 17th to 21st, 2023, was a remarkable event for UPLUS LIGHTING. This article delves into our experiences during these three exciting days, from the meticulous preparations before the exhibition to the overwhelming response we received from customers.

Preparation Before the Exhibition

The 2023 Prolight+Sound exhibition is the largest and most prestigious lighting and sound showcase in Russia. With each passing year, it attracts an increasing number of exhibitors and boasts an expanding scale. This year, the event featured cutting-edge lighting technologies from 280 companies, covering a staggering total area of 14,000 square meters. Within this impressive arena, our modest 18-square-meter booth held great promise for us to penetrate the stage lighting market in Russia.

On September 18th, we wasted no time and promptly set up our booth, ensuring it was ready to welcome all our Russian customers. We extended a warm invitation to everyone to visit the UPLUS LIGHTING booth and engage in fruitful discussions.

Three Days of Grand Exhibition

The first day of the exhibition saw a flood of eager customers. We were bustling with activity, with even two translators barely able to keep up with the influx of visitors. What was particularly heartening was the praise heaped upon our products for their novelty and innovation.

Among the star attractions were our IP1000 STROBE, IN1000 STROBE, PIXEL BAR 1830, PIXEL BAR 500, W3725, PZ1940, and other champion products. These products drew immense interest and captivated the attention of the attendees.


The PZ1940 is a 19×40 W Moving head-type device that boasts a mesmerizing Bee-eye effect. It offers the same channels as the renowned Clay Paky K15 and allows for individual control of each LED. With its remarkable blend of beam, wash, and bee-eye effects, the PZ1940 is a true standout.


The STROBOSCOPE IN1000 is a 1000W Variable Strobe Light that delivers a powerful strobe effect coupled with a delightful flood effect. Users can opt for a tube in the axis of the device with either one W or CW + Amber 2 in 1, adding versatility to its already impressive capabilities.


Boasting a 1000W IP65 tiltable strobe light, the STROBOSCOPE IP1000 combines super stable quality with an excellent effect. It has garnered a remarkable 100% customer satisfaction rate, showcasing its reliability.

BSWF 480

The BSWF 480 is an LED profile spotlight-type “moving head” with 480W 4-in-1 capabilities. Its features include a zoom range of 4.5° – 55°, a CMY color mixing system, and the availability of appropriate curtains, along with an Animation Wheel.


This moving head-type device, the 320 LED BSW, combines a 3-in-1 LED BSW 320W with a compact design and high brightness. Its zoom range of 3°-45° ensures uniform and pure colors, making it a versatile choice.


With PIXEL BAR 1830, you get an 18*30W 6-in-1-pixel panel. Each panel can be connected freely and comes with accessories for easy hanging and vertical mounting on a platform.


The PIXEL BAR 500 features 10*50W white/RGBW LED panels with pixel control for brightness and color. Like the PIXEL BAR 1830, it offers flexibility in hanging and mounting options.


The MINI740 is a MINI 7 * 40 W Moving head-type device available in three versions: Zoom + B-eye control, wash zoom, and Clay Paky mini-B Aqua copy with LED ring control.


If you’re looking for an IP65 Waterproof Strobe Light, the IP-L360 fits the bill. With control over 20 separate sections, optional stand, filter, frame, and handle clamp, it’s versatile and reliable.


The 360 PIXEL TUBE is an IP65 waterproof 360° 3D pixel lamp with a battery. It features an RGBWA mixed LED source and can be controlled via wireless DMX512, WIFI APP, or IR remote control. Plus, it comes with a convenient tripod stand and transport case.


Finally, the 480 IP-BEAM is a 480W waterproof floodlight head with an Osram 461 W lamp, full cast aluminum housing, and IP66 protection level.

Given that most of our customers in Russia spoke Russian, we made strategic preparations on the second day by hiring additional translators. This proactive step paid off, as the following day saw an even more enormous influx of visitors. The sight of customers patiently queuing up outside the exhibition was a testament to the enduring appeal of good products and exceptional service.


The three days at the Moscow Exhibition were a whirlwind of activity and excitement for UPLUS LIGHTING. Customers’ overwhelming response and interest, both on the first day and the following days affirmed our commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality lighting products. As we look ahead, we are more motivated than ever to continue illuminating the world with our cutting-edge solutions. Thank you to all our valued customers and partners for making these three days genuinely memorable.


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