Two classic 19X15W Aura wash and 295W beam moving head

Table of Contents

19x15W Aura wash zoom moving head

  • 1:1 effect and DMX channels as Martin Aura, use same patch file
  • good dimming curve with delay or no delay, no flick
  • Stable quality each month produce over 800 pieces
  • Stock normal available
  • smooth & fast movement
  • Quiet operation

295W beam moving head

  • 3 phase step motor, smooth + fast+accurate positioning
  • 295W Osram brand lamp
  • High quality & output len, Lux ≥ 1000000 @5M 
  • Beautiful and sharp prism effect: double prism 8 face+24 face prism
  • Nice color and gobo
  • Linear foucs

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