Unveiling Our 420 Watt Beam Moving Head Light

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New Beam Lights Make Their Debut, Leading a New Lighting Trend!


The lighting world keeps changing, and now there’s a big buzz about the new 420 watt beam moving head light from UPLUS Lighting. It’s a big deal because it’s bringing some serious innovation to how we light up spaces. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this light so special and why it’s turning heads in the industry.

What’s the Deal with the New 420 Watt Beam Moving Head Light?

This new light isn’t just about looks – although it does have a sleek design. It’s about performance and setting a whole new standard for what lighting can do. UPLUS Lighting has put a lot of thought into making this light stand out from the crowd.

Key Features to Light up Your Life:

1.Wide Voltage Range: One of the standout features of the UPLUS Lighting beam moving head light is its compatibility across diverse voltage settings. This light can handle different voltages from around the world, making it super versatile for all kinds of spaces.

2.Rich Color Options: You’ve got 13 fixed colors and 4 cool color effects to play with, including a neat two-color cycling rainbow effect. It empowers users to infuse spaces with vibrant hues and dynamic lighting sequences. It’s like having a whole paint palette at your fingertips!

3.Versatile Prism Effects:
With 8 sets of prisms, you can get really creative with your lighting. Spin them around, mix them up – the possibilities are endless!

4.Temperature Protection System: Nobody wants their light to burn out too soon. This system keeps things cool so your light lasts longer and works reliably. By safeguarding against overheating, it extends the lifespan of the bulb, providing sustained performance and peace of mind to users.

Tech Specs Made Simple:

●Color Temperature: 7600K
●Beam Angle: 1.2°
●Color Wheel: 13 fixed colors + 4 effects + white, with a two-way rainbow effect
●Static Gobo: 18 gobos + 1 white circle
●Electronic Frost Effect
●Prisms: 8 sets for crazy combinations
●Strobe Effect: Vary the speed for different vibes
●Smooth Dimming: Go from 0-100% brightness easily
●Rotation Angles: Spin it around on the X and Y axes
●Motor: Three-phase motor with the fancy SY Brand

Why You Should Care:

The arrival of the 420 watt beam moving headlight is a game-changer. It’s not just another light – it’s a whole new way to think about lighting up your world. Whether you want to add some flair to your party or create a stunning atmosphere for your event, this light has got you covered.  For a sneak peek, check out the video link.

The Bottom Line

In Conclusion, UPLUS Lighting isn’t just selling lights – they’re selling a vision. It’s about combining technology with art to create something truly special. So if you want to be part of the lighting revolution, check out the 420 watt beam moving head light today. Illuminate your world like never before!

So don’t wait – light up your life with our 420 watt beam moving head light and see your space in a whole new light!


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