Unveiling the UPLUS Lighting 600-Watt Cutting Moving Head Stage Light

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Dear stage enthusiasts, have you ever found yourself troubled by the limitations of stage lighting, especially when it comes to cutting effects? Fear not, for we bring you the solution – the UPLUS lighting’s hot-selling 600-watt cutting moving head stage light. In this article, we’ll delve into the cutting-edge technology behind this lighting marvel, exploring its features, specifications, and how it can transform your stage performances.

UPLUS Lighting 600-Watt Cutting Moving Head Stage Light

The UPLUS Lighting 600-Watt Cutting Moving Head Stage light is a game-changer in the world of stage lighting. Utilizing advanced cutting technology, this stage light effortlessly creates a myriad of light and shadow effects. Whether you need a bright spotlight or a soft scattering effect, this innovative lighting solution has got you covered.

A. Versatility at Its Best

One of the standout features is the CMY/CTO functions, providing unparalleled versatility to your stage. These functions allow for a diverse range of color temperatures and tones, adding depth and dimension to your performances.

B. Colors Galore

With a wide array of colors and adjustable brightness, this stage light adapts seamlessly to different scenes and needs. From large concerts and parties to intimate performances, the UPLUS Lighting 600-Watt Cutting Moving Head Stage light ensures your stage presence is nothing short of outstanding.

Technical Specifications
Let’s dive into the technical specifications that make this stage light a powerhouse in the industry.
Power-packed Performance
●600W LED module
●Color temperature: 8500K
●CRI: ≥70 or: ≥90 (high CRI version)
●Zoom angle: 5°-55° linear zoom
●Diameter of Optic Len: 120mm
●Color: CMY+CTO color mixing system

Dynamic Features

The UPLUS Lighting 600-Watt Cutting Moving Head Stage Light boasts a range of dynamic features that redefine stage lighting innovation. The rotating prism, equipped with a 4-facet design and a prism angle of 14°, creates mesmerizing light patterns. Adding depth to the performance, two independent frost tablets provide options for mild and moderate effects.

The motorized focus ensures precision, allowing for sharp and clear visuals. The electronic shutter, with variable speeds from 1-25Hz or random mode, adds a dynamic element to the lighting display. With 0-100% linear dimming capability, the intensity of the light can be seamlessly adjusted. The framing system, featuring 4 independent blades, provides precise control over cutting direction and angle, with the entire module rotating 90° for enhanced creativity on the stage.

Control and Dimensions

Effortless control and a sleek design make this stage light a must-have for every stage professional.

●Control: DMX 512 (35/39/34 CH); RDM
●Dimension: 376265723 mm, NW:27 kg


In conclusion, the UPLUS Lighting 600-Watt Cutting Moving Head Stage light is the essential artifact to turn your stage dreams into reality. It not only adds infinite charm to your stage but also elevates your stage effects to new heights.

Ready to transform your stage presence? Explore more about this hot-selling product and witness its magic in action through the video link.

Make your stage moments unforgettable with the UPLUS Lighting 600-Watt Cutting Moving Head Stage Light!


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