Uplus Lighting 6 Best-Selling Stage Lights

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Uplus Lighting is a leading manufacturer of stage lighting. With a strong presence across Europe, Asia, North America, and Russia, among many other regions, we have gained a reputation for being an excellent manufacturer of stage lights that reflect the requirements of both amateurs and professionals. In this article, we will discuss our six best-selling moving heads headlights and dive into their brilliant features and benefits.

1.  460 LED BSW

The 4×6 LED BSW is an elegant, powerful 3-in-1 moving head/stage light. It possesses a confluence beam, washes together with spot functionalities. It offers a magnificent array of features that enhance the performance of any kind of stage.

Advanced Features and Benefits

The advanced features of 460 LED BSW offer several benefits to professionals involved in lighting entertainment. The close and smooth movement of the 3 Phases mentioned above motors takes place irrespective of weight transfer, thus optimizing lighting effects. The all-around low-noise operation of the silence fan allows performers to be entirely occupied without allowing distractions. The multiple zoom levels, including the wide angle, pure CMY color mixing system, enable diverse yet gorgeous lighting designs.

2. 250 LED BEAM

The 250 LED BEAM is a super bright stage light that is a great replacement for the 7R sharpy. It offers excellent performance and has numerous useful features that improve its usability and variety.

Features and Advantages

The excellent brightness and big beam angle of the 250 LED BEAM make it ideal for creating dazzling lighting shows. The wide assortment of colors and gobos allows extensive freedom, while the face prism and frost’s ability included to add depth and complexity to the lighting effects. Its small size and lightweight design further boost the practicality and reliability of setting this stage light.

3. W3725

The W3725 is a powerful wash zoom moving head stage light with impressive features that delivers excellent performance and full-set color mixing and coverage. The W3725 is one of the most demanded lighting for broad use, especially by lighting experts, because it delivers outstanding color mixing and coverage.

Features and Benefits

Among the most significant features of W3725 the power of led makes intense lighting. Enjoy only vivid and beautiful shows. Accurate and impactful feature contributes to a smooth work environment. Depend entirely on safety protection to make sure of the feeling of performance.

4. PZ1940

The latest version of the K15 19x40W big bee eye and zoom moving head stage light, with its original design and impressive features, has made it a popular choice among lighting professionals.

Features and Benefits

Combined with powerful LED modules and precise pixel control, the PZ1940 offers stunning and dynamic lighting effects that are ideal for any application. Setting customization capability through the CTO function provides flexibility for different stage settings. The wide zoom angle and multiple lighting effects provide the PZ1940 universal utility for creating intriguing lighting shows.

5. MINI740

The MINI740 is a compact, versatile moving head stage light with several versions to suit different requirements. Its small size and strong performance have taken the market by storm among lighting professionals.

Features and Benefits

The mini size of the MINI740 makes it highly portable and allows for a wide range of stage installation setups. The multiple versions allow flexibility, allowing users to choose what features best fit their needs. Whether the zoom wash, bee eye effect, LED pixel effect, or Artnet protocol compatibility is being delivered, the MINI740 does so in a very compact package.

Version ①

Version ②

Version ③


Two new and innovative designs in the field of LED pixel bars. They boast their bright illumination with advanced features that have quickly become popular choices for stage lighting effects.

Features and Benefits

Having unparalleled control over lighting effects through pixel control capabilities, the PIXEL BAR 1830 and PIXEL BAR 500 are ideal for creating vibrant and demanding displays. High brightness and accuracy in the color result in outstanding brilliance when viewed from a distance. Moreover, the ability to join multiple units offers flexibility in installing in areas with expansive lighting setup opportunities.



The Bottom Line

Uplus Lighting has carved out a niche as a leading manufacturer of high-quality stage lights. Each of these most popular stage lights discussed in this article illustrates our commitment to innovation and excellence. From the versatile 460 LED BSW to the compact MINI740 and the advanced PIXEL BAR 1830/PIXEL BAR 500, each of the stage lights boasts unique features and benefits in addition to its feature set that is pertinent to just about every lighting professional in the world today. With Uplus Lighting’s products, theater performances are elevated higher to create experiences that entertain audiences and last forever.


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