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Lighting controls are essential for any great event. They can set the mood and tone of the event, and it is difficult to have a successful party without them. Great lighting will make your event memorable, so it is important to find a good supplier of moving head lighting.

Uplus Lighting is that supplier. We offer high-quality moving head beams at a great price. Our website has a large catalog of lights and other equipment that will fit most needs.

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Guangzhou Uplus Lighting:

When you want to put on a dazzling stage show, moving headlights are the go-to accessory. These versatile pieces of gear can be found in concert halls and opera houses all over the world. If you’re serious about your lighting setup for live performance, you need the best tools for the job—and Uplus Lighting has some of the most durable, reliable moving headlights available.

Guangzhou Uplus Lighting is a leading high-quality moving headlight supplier located in Guangzhou City, China. We have been committed to providing our customers with the most competitive products at an affordable price. We are proud to be your valuable partner!

As an industry leader in lighting technology, Uplus has developed a reputation for making high-caliber products that are used by top talent all around the world. We can provide you with high-quality moving headlights that are durable, reliable, and easy to maintain.

In addition to our extensive line of beam effect moving heads, we offer many other stage lighting equipment that makes your stage show shine.

We offer a wide range of products including moving headlights, beam moving headlights, led wash lights, profile moving headlights, theater spotlights, led follow spot lights, outdoor & indoor static lights, and more.

We hope you will discover a whole new world of stage lighting with our products!


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