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Doubtlessly, stage lights play an essential role in any event. Stage lights can make any event successful (if stage lights are employed correctly) or can cause the event to flop. You have attended various events, parties, stage shows, etc., in your daily life. Also, you might have observed various sorts of colorful lights that are moving.

Stage lights should be chosen very wisely because various types of lights are used for various purposes. Some stage lights that are manufactured by our company (Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Ltd) are listed hereunder:

  1. LED wash lights
  2. Waterproof stage lights
  3. Indoor static lights
  4. Theater spotlights
  5. Moving head lights
  6. LEDs follow spotlights and more.

In this article, we will briefly conclude moving headlights. Read on to know more about it:

Moving headlights:

Moving headlights, aka moving heads, automated lighting, or simply movers, are the stage lights that refer to lighting that has mechanical or automated abilities beyond those of stationary, traditional lights. Moving headlights are considered standard lights in the live event industry, including music festivals, concerts, nightclubs, parties, etc. possibly, no advancement has affected the illumination industry more than moving headlights in the last three decades.

Moving headlights are fully automated fixtures with multiple attributes controllable from the lighting consoles, which can include the shape, edge, color, gobos, intensity, direction, as well as the movement. You might have wondered about the colorful light moving here and there on the stage without the aid of instruments. Such lights are moving headlights.

They can be controlled in various ways. Under normal conditions, the fixtures are connected to a lighting control console. The console is responsible for controlling the output of the signal. The data is then sent through a control signal to the fixture, usually in the following ways:

  • Ethernet control, including sACN or ArtNet
  • Digital multiplex (DMX)
  • Analogous

However, DMX is mainly used for controlling moving heads.

Every moving headlight has its own features. Different brands and companies install specific colors and features in moving headlights. Among various companies, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and supplying various stage lights. You can observe the following features in our moving headlights:

  1. Color plate; 96 fixed color plates+ white lights
  2. 1 rotating gobo wheel: 6 gobos
  3. A set of controllable light spot-cutting systems composed of 4 cutting discs
  4. 3 face prism
  5. 33 DMX channels

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