UPLUS LIGHTING’s Unparalleled Shine at the Russian Ice Show

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The enchanting city of Khanty-Mansiysk recently became the stage for a spectacular Ice show, narrating the fairy tale of Ugra. Central to this event’s success was Uplus Lighting’s, whose array of sophisticated lighting products, such as the 460 LED BSW and the IN1000 STROBE, cast a spellbinding glow over the icy tableau. This article dives into how our Lighting’s innovations not only survived but thrived in the harsh winter environment, delivering a mesmerizing experience that left audiences and professionals alike in awe.

Performance of UPLUS LIGHTING in Extreme Conditions

At the heart of the ice show, Uplus Lighting’s products demonstrated their robustness and versatility in extreme weather conditions. The lineup, including the 230 BEAM, PZ1940, and the PIXEL IP20X15 BAR, operated flawlessly despite the biting cold and snowy backdrop. The 460 LED BSW, known for its vibrant color mixing capabilities and wide zoom range, provided stunning visual effects that were crucial for thematic storytelling of the ice show. Additionally, the IN1000 STROBE, with its high-output LED source, created dramatic lighting effects that mimicked the Northern Lights, enhancing the mystical ambiance of the fairy tale setting.

Feedback from the Audience and Industry Professionals

The audience’s response was overwhelmingly positive, with many giving a literal thumbs-up to the vivid displays and durable performance of the lighting. Lighting designers and stage design professionals attending the event noted the ease of integrating these advanced technologies into their complex stage settings. Their feedback underscores the reliability and aesthetic appeal of Uplus Lighting in creating engaging visual narratives that captivate viewers.

Technological Features and Benefits of UPLUS LIGHTING Products

Delving deeper, the technological prowess of our Lighting products comes from their innovative features designed to handle demanding environments. For instance, the IN1000 STROBE incorporates high-intensity outputs suitable for large venues, while the PIXEL IP20X15 BAR offers advanced IP65-rated protection against moisture, making it ideal for outdoor and cold weather applications. These features ensure that every lighting designer has the tools necessary to create compelling and safe lighting environments. Furthermore, the PZ1940 provides exceptional wash capabilities with its wide zoom range, allowing for versatile stage coverage that is essential for live performances.

UPLUS LIGHTING’s Impact on Modern Stage Design

The implications of Uplus Lighting’s technology extend beyond individual performances. By setting new standards in durability and visual quality, Uplus Lighting is shaping the future of stage design. Our products enable designers to push the boundaries of creativity and functionality, allowing for more ambitious and technically demanding shows. This adaptability is particularly important in settings like ice shows, where the environmental challenges require not only artistic vision but also equipment that can withstand extreme conditions.


Uplus Lighting’s significant impact on the Russian Ice show in Khanty-Mansiysk exemplifies our commitment to quality and innovation in stage lighting. With continuous updates and feedback from real-world applications, Uplus Lighting remains at the forefront of lighting technology, ready to illuminate stages around the globe. For those enchanted by the synergy of technology and artistry, we offer a gateway to explore more in the realm of advanced stage design. As the industry evolves, we continue to provide solutions that transform ordinary environments into extraordinary experiences, paving the way for the future of performance art.


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