Wash lights literally fill a stage with light!

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There is no denying the importance of lighting in our lives, which is often undervalued until a power outage. The light bulb is truly one of the finest inventions, and it has seen countless advancements since then. Technologies have revolutionized the lighting industry system, which is always evolving for the better. Today, a range of fixtures are available that serve different functions. Stage lighting is an important aspect of the lighting industry that has a key role in setting stage performances. Stage lights come in a variety of options and are easily available. Wash lights are one of the most popular types of stage lighting. The subject of wash lights is covered in this article.

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What are wash lights?

Wash lights, also known as flood lights, are types of stage lighting that are used to illuminate a broad area of a stage or performance space in a uniform manner. It is a distinctive lighting technique ideal for establishing a pleasant ambiance.  As the name implies, it washes the stage in light. They provide excellent stage lighting because of their voluminous borders, which cover a tiny area. Most of the time, they are installed on trusses or another rigging above the stage, and they can be aimed and focused on covering a particular area. Wash lights typically comprise a single color that is distributed uniformly and at the same level over the stage. The wash projects a broad region of light that doesn’t travel very far. A wash light typically has a 130-degree path. Despite a wash’s significantly broader light cover, it utilizes the same amount of lumens and power as a spotlight.


Base Lighting

Wash lights are frequently utilized as the stage’s base lighting to fill the area with a general ambient light that helps create the atmosphere of a performance.

Special Effects

They are widely applied to provide special effects, such as lighting that mimics a dawn or a sunset.

Sense of Depth

Also, wash lights can be utilized to create a sense of depth on stage by emphasizing regions in the background or front.


By sweeping the light across the stage or varying its intensity, wash lights are also used to provide the illusion of motion on stage.


Wash lights are a significant factor in stage lighting and are utilized in a variety of performance settings, such as theatres, music halls, and television studios. They can be utilized in architectural lighting to draw attention to a building’s outside or create a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

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