What are the most attention-grabbing products for customers at the trade shows in Germany?

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Germany a hub of international businesses attracts professionals from the entire globe. As a major hub for trade in Europe, several exhibitions are held annually which allow companies to showcase their signature products. One of the massive Frankfurt Lighting and Sound Exhibitions was going on in Germany which is now over.

It was a four-day exhibition where Uplus represented its signature products to attendees. After the exhibition was over and we held our company meeting, we found out that customers showed great interest in our products.

Customers were quite impressed by the quality and durability of our products. However, all products were appreciated but our 4 products were attracting the attention of visitors. Many customers asked about information and prices of those products. These products include the following:

3.IP 4820
4.IP 2420

Luckily, these are our latest products that we introduced a few months ago in 2024. One of the exciting news stories is that two of the above products were developed by ourselves. For the convenience of customers, we have decided to briefly introduce the above four products in this article. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s continue with details on our signature products!


It is the first product that we developed and was quite appreciated by attendees at the exhibition. The whole development process was developed by UPLUS Lighting. If we talk about the structure of the IP-PIX400, its shell is made up of a strong aluminum housing, and an IP65 cooling fan along with an electronic power supply and an in/out waterproof socket were installed in the system. The shell design was also equipped with spliced and Omega Quick Lock System brackets. LED pixel control effect, rich built-in color, and pattern marco effect are some of the of the main functions of our IP-PIX400 product.

The design of the lamp won the hearts of many customers at the exhibition. In order to make this product more attractive, we installed light baffles and filters as optional accessories. It depends on customers whether they want to buy such additional accessories or not.

Strobe Light (IP-PIX400-IP-S400):

Our next signature product is a strobe light. Our model of strobe light has the same shell as the above product. It is also a 400-watt lamp. The outer shell material, shell design, and paid accessories are the same as compared to the above. The only thing that makes the strobe light different from the above is its internal function.

This type of lamp is mainly designed according to the needs of our valuable customers. One of the mesmerizing benefits of strobe lights is that they are one of our most affordable products. During the exhibition, customers were continuously asking about it, so we have started its production at our company. So, everyone can get their desired strobe light at an economical price.

Waterproof Wash Lamp (IP 4820):

Last but not least, we have one of the best waterproof wash lamps. Equipped with an IP65 cooling fan, Seetronic power, and an XRL in/out waterproof socket, this product is unique from all perspectives. Made up of high-quality materials like signal lines and Seetronic power cords, this product has won the hearts of many customers in Germany.

This product is highly demanding because it is relatively safe and durable, speeds are adjustable, and the configuration is an Omega quick lock system bracket. Just like the above two, the customers can buy additional accessories like 4-leaf barndoor, filters including RGBW/RGBLAC, etc. separately. It depends on the will of the customer whether they want to add additional accessories to their bucket list or not.


Lastly, our IP2420 shell is also similar to the shell of IP4820. One of our signature products, IP2420, is equipped with 24 20-watt lamp beads. The color selection, standard quick look, and shell material are similar to our IP 4820 product.

The bottom line:

All of the above lamps are made of high-quality material. And have been put into production. So, what are you waiting for? You can contact us through our website and get a quote on your required product. Also, stay tuned because the Guangzhou Exhibition in May is coming. And we are excited to showcase more of our products around the world.


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